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Late arvo wrap

Posted by: on February 15th, 2009

Evening and there were a few standing up and breaking hard at Collaroy.

Evening and there were a few standing up and breaking hard at Collaroy.

Hello Friends,

Messy and horrid at around 1700

Messy and horrid at around 1700

Drove up to Umina to visit some rels staying at the actually quite impressive Ocean Beach caravan park. Figured I might as well use the opportunity to grab a snap of the fabled Box Head while I was there. It was utterly awful though. Close together, messy, totally wind whipped junk really. No one was in the water, which was hardly surprising given the frequent bouts of lashing rain and powering onshores.

Got back to the Northern Beaches not long before dark and managed to grab a snap of some crunchy beachy action at Collaroy. A few folks were on the peak just south of the stormwater pipe. Looked like excellent waves for breaking boards and bodies to me. The wind wasn’t too bad though and the SE swell had picked up a bit since last I saw the beach. It’s around 3 metres out at sea and averaging around 8 seconds apart.

The Bureau is now calling for swell to be E/SE at 2-3 metres tomorrow with wind out of the SE at 20-30kts. “breaking dangerously inshore” they add… showers and cloudy too with a low tide at around 722 in the morning building to a modest 1.1 m high around 1300. Another wild and messy one, but with luck the really protected spots will have a little something…

Late arvo update

Posted by: on September 11th, 2008

Hi all,

How good was this morning in Sydney?

Hope you got a few waves from all that SE swell before the wind started to ruffle it up.

Looks like being smaller tomorrow, but I don’t reckon it’ll go flat…

Here are a few snaps from an afternoon trip I took with skipper Max and PB…