Clearing the AIRS: latest satellite data verifies climate change

Interesting news of Infrared satellite data being released to public (deniers time to write your papers for peer review). Short version: climate change is happening; water vapour is amplifying, not muting average temp rise; data shows storms becoming stronger and more frequent; AIRS could dramatically improve accuracy of  forecasting models. Large changes in climate likely […]


2000+ EVENTS AROUND THE WORLD On Saturday 24 October 2009 Northern Beaches residents will join hundreds of thousands of people from around the world in taking a stand for a safe climate future as part of the largest global day of climate action ever witnessed. The call to action by both Climate Action Pittwater and […]

About the climate poll

A week ago I was looking for a poll idea and I happened across this article entitled “Climate Change Belief Research – great cause for concern by Mike Hanlon” on the gizmag site. As many of our regulars have no doubt worked out, I’m quite keenly interested in the topic and so I was intrigued […]

The Simple Arithmetic of Global Warming Supports the Economics of a Climate Change Bill

Just finished reading this lucid summation of where we stand with the science and politics of climate change. A few illustrative quotes: If you understand how compound interest works, you can understand the urgency of facing the issue today. Because more CO2 remains in the atmosphere, and because CO2 in the atmosphere generates atmospheric heat,more […]

29.01.09 news and cams of interest

Hi All The best of the Australian surf cams I could find this morning was coastalwatch’s Margs cam. Proper waves out west for you lucky pups. Qld, NSW and Vic all look knee to waist high for the most part. About the best live cam I could find overseas was’s Rocky Point unit on […]