Postcards from Crescent Head this morning

crescent head surf

Saturday morning saw knee to waist with the odd plusses at the top of the point. Very few of them ran down to the carpark and energy levels were pretty modest, but with a log or similar, you could definitely get the odd glide. Hope to put up another update later…

Postcards from Crescent

Crescent Head surfer watershot

Hello Friends, Your correspondent started tapping out this note somewhere between Macksville and Coffs as we were making our way through an apparently endless sequence of roadworks slowdowns. Your tax dollars are definitely at work up this way. Stayed in Crescent last night. When we pulled in an hour or so before dark the skies […]

Postcards from Crescent Head

north coast beach

Hello Friends, Swell faded overnight and this morning on high tide it was too fat and full to lure us into the water. So a local mate took us down to one of his fave little wave spots where we picked up a few clear water tinies. Got back around lunch time and tide was […]

Pretty pictures from this morning at Crescent Head

Crescent Head surfer

Dropping tide, healthy crowd (40+, lotsa boomers), sunny skies, light offshores and mostly knee to waist but with just enough chest to shoulder sets to keep it fun and interesting. After getting out, I grabbed the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the 100-400mm lens I have for testing and sat at the top of the point, where […]

Caught a few at Crescent

Hello Friends, As foretold by the swell models, there was a bit more swell up north than in Sydney again today. We need to be back in Sydney by 5, so surfin’ had to finish by around 1100. We started the morning with a quick look at the point With our peerless local guide Greg. […]

Up the coast

Hello Friends, Woke up to some fun-size mainly east swell in Crescent Head this morning. 20+ people in the water at the point as the sun cleared the horizon so, with the threat of stiff north wind on the cards, our local host suggested we look south along the road to Plomer. Turned out to […]

Heading south, hoping for one more sesh…

Hello Friends, Swell seems to have backed off overnight up this way. Combined with an incoming tide, it meant that the keen folk in the water at the top of the point at Crescent were waiting a very long time for a bite at one and two wave knee high sets. And those mostly ran […]

On Surfari: Old Bar and Crescent Head

Hello late evening fans, Set off on my biennial surfari with mate Guy this morning. (We first started doing these trips back in 1977!). We left Sydney with some pretty tasty looking conditions early and were therefore hopeful about what we’d find. We checked the situation at Old Bar around 1400. Winds were good at […]

Cronulla officially a surfing reserve

¬† In early September, Cronulla officially joined 23 other National Surfing Reserve sites around Australia. Cronulla is NSW’s fifth National Surfing Reserve (the others are Angourie, Crescent Head,¬†Lennox Head and Maroubra). Recognised by the NSW Department of Lands, Cronulla is now gazetted by the department under terms of the Crown Lands Act of 1989. The […]