Offshore early but faded from yesterday

Hello Friends, Swell’s cogged down overnight, shaving off about 0.5 m over yesterday at this time. As of 0730 it was dead south, 1.5 m and 8 seconds apart. Wind was coming lightly from the west and tide was coming off the 0600 low. It’ll be back to the 1.58 m high at noon. Should […]

Pretty skies, little clean waves

Doing the Manly to Dee Why jaunt, so herewith a few snaps. Manly was not super busy given how approachable the conditions were. It was glassy with waist to chest high sets along 0830. Waves were pretty soft, so not a day for the high performance option in your quiver. South end of Curly was […]

Saturday throws the switch to sunshine

Hello Friends, Had to run the odd errand around midday and since I was out and about I checked the surf again. There sitll aren’t any waves to speak of at Dee Why or Manly for that matter, but both mid to south Curly and North Narrabeen had a few very soft knee to waist […]

Smoky Sunday surf

south curl curl beach surfer

Hello Friends, Checked beaches from Manly to Dee Why this smokey morning and as of 0730-0800 the 10-sec 1.6 metre SSE swell was producing consistent chest to head plus wave faces at optimally aligned stretches. Biggest was Curly, but Longy was in the same league (see pics). Manly and Dee Why beach and the point […]

Swell perking up this morning

Hello Friends, Glassy start to Thursday morning and as forseen by the models, we have some solid sets in the mix. Waves were into the chest plus range on sets at Manly, head high but kinda fat at Curly and wasit to shoulder with odd pluses at Dee Why. Swell was close to the 2 […]

Sunday midday clip from Curl Curl (vid)

curl curl surfing

Dropped by Curl Curl right on lunch time on the last day of January. It was hot and sunny and hard to get a park, so the water was pretty busy. But there were a few little waves to be had on the sets. Water’s beautiful too!

Mid-Curly grovellers (vid)

surfer Curl Curl beach

Found myself out and about this morning, so swung by Curly to see if it was picking up anything. It was, sorta, but just in the middle where the little windswell was focussing on a high tide friendly bank.

Curly this morning (vid)

Curl Curl surfing

Went for a quick sesh at north Curly this morning. Crowd thickened up steadily because it was really a pretty fun little peak between 0830 and 1000. Here’s a taste of the conditions…