Well, well, swell, swell, swell

Hello Friends Weent out around midday with camera and board. First stop was Northy, but the crew up there were having a contest on the main peak, so I watched a few, grabbed a snap and went looking elsewhere. Bellyboarder-extraordinare Frank had tipped Curly for a possible picture taking opportunity, so I wandered that way. […]

Freshy to Gardens

Hello Friends, As promised, went out and about with the lens to see if I could get a few extra pics from this morning’s beach activity. First stop was Freshy where one guy was waiting a very long time for knee to waist high sets. He finally jagged one and I got the shot below: […]

Along the beaches, part the second

Went for a look at Curly & Freshy around 0830 after the school run. Curly was about the same as yesterday, but thanks to the lighter winds, it was looking a little more attractive. Not that many more in the water though. I wouldn’t want to be accused of overstating the situation though. The biggest […]

Wave hunt part 2

  Bit of a delay between observation and report. Had to do a meeting. You know how it is. Anyway, after leaving Dee Why, I came over the hill to find Curly was just as fat and marginal. A few bods were in the water, but you wouldn’t say it was all that impressive. Long […]

Checkin’ it out Dee Why and Curl Curl

Technology and your correspondent have a problematic relationship. This should have been online an hour ago, but the touchpad on my notebook decided to stop working… oh well. After looking at Northy, I had a quick squizz at Long Reef. Wind was coming straight into it and there didn’t really seem to be much of […]