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A clip of the point around midday Saturday

Posted by: on March 26th, 2016

Went for a surf amongst the murderous morning shutdowns at Dee Why and got out about the time the wind was coming into play. Unlike the beach, pretty much every wave at the point was rideable – but for one minor issue…

How it looked Good Friday morning at the point (vid)

Posted by: on March 25th, 2016

Hung out at the beach from around 0900 to 1000 but ended up just shooting a video clip and grabbing a few pictures because I didn’t really feel like joining 25 others at the point or the 100 or so from Dee Why to Longy. Still some swell, so there were waves to be had. Fairly setty though.

Dee Why point clip from around midday

Posted by: on March 24th, 2016

Stopped by the point this morning and decided to jump in for a shot at the odd wave. Got a few, not more than my share, but fun anyway. Didn’t have the gopro with, so after I got out, I shot a short sequence to give you an idea of how it was looking once the tide had started to drop and before the NE’r got into it…

Pics and a vid on a rainy morning

Posted by: on March 21st, 2016

Hello Friends,

Shot some vid and a snap at Dee Why point in pouring rain. 20 people were on the point and when the sets rolled through it looked like serious fun – woofy water notwithstanding.
Let the camera run a little longer than usual because this particular set kept going…



Dee Why point late Sunday morning

Posted by: on March 20th, 2016

Checked Dee Why point just before noon – and a bout of rain – to see if I could get a video clip. Although there were occasional 1.5x overhead sets, the 20 or so people scattered along the point weren’t catching heaps of waves. I waited quite awhile to get the clip…

Dee Why point, late morning (vid)

Posted by: on February 18th, 2016

Swell was powering along late Thursday morning. It was coming from the SE (mostly) at 3.4 metres with a period of 14 seconds.

Dee Why point up close 0900 (vid)

Posted by: on February 17th, 2016

Wind was ripping it up and swell was pretty raw too, but you could sorta catch ’em…

Dee Why point Thursday afternoon (vid)

Posted by: on January 28th, 2016

Coming home, loose-lipped from the dentist, swung by Dee Why for a quick look. Wind had actually backed off a bit and the swell was producing the occasional head plus bomb. So, I grabbed you another single-take sequence off the point…

Solid Dee Why point, Friday morning (vid)

Posted by: on January 8th, 2016

Pumping SE swell and the first sunny skies and light winds in days on the morning of Friday 8 January 2016. I spent over an hour shooting at the point and toward the end grabbed this video minute for you. The gallery should be online by tomorrow morning…

PICS from Sunday morning at Dee Why from the point to No Man’s

Posted by: on August 9th, 2015

Went shooting on Sunday morning at Dee Why beach. It was just too busy for me to contemplate. Conditions were pretty good, but the shutdown factor was a problem and despite the reasonable 2 metre, 12-sec SE swell, a lot of the waves seemed kinda fat. But not all of them. I saw three broken boards in the 90 minutes or so I was at the beach, so definitely some snap to some of ’em. Anyway, here are a few piccies from the gallery that should be accessible by Monday morning. As always, I was looking for regular surfers having fun, rather than hot shots trying to make surf mag covers. Over 300 from the shooting session that went from around 0930 to 1100. I was shooting folks from about the pole to the point.
Go see all the pictures!

dy point

Not as big as the beachy, but some fun ones for the healthy crowd at the point

dy point surfer

Another fun section for the lucky one of 40-odd in the water

surfer dy beach

Throwing spray just up the beach from the SLSC

No Mans wave

A few bombs in the mix at No Man’s around 1000

dy beach surfer

Not always makeable, but some pretty fun sections to be had

dy point surfer

Finding refuge from the crowd at the point

dy surfer

It looked pretty benign…

surfer with broken board

…but it bit his board in half…

dy surfer

A fun standy-uppy section at Dee Why beach

Kneeboarder in the air

Kneelo launches in the Dee Why shorey on Sunday