PICS: Mon arvo DY a last taste of the swell

Did I get your wave? The swell was getting less consistent by Monday night, but there were still some solid sets, the wind was lightly offshore and the crew wasn’t going to let Dee Why go gently into the good night. Click the pic to see the entire gallery.   Check out all the other […]

PICS: DY Mon morning

If you were in the water and you caught a wave at Dee Why on Monday morning, there’s a chance I got your picture!

PICS: DY beach, Sun arvo

More fun for the large crew that pretty much lived at Dee Why for this swell. Late afternoon light was lovely and as before, I set up not far from the surf club to get the sweetest angle. I was there from about 415pm to 445pm, so if you were too, you better check to […]

PICS by Don: Sunday at Dee Why

A brilliant blue-skied Sunday with fun south swell attracted more than a few of us to Dee Why point for a surf and, in my case, a bit of picture taking as well. Lotsa bodyboarder shots this time too. Check out the entire gallery here Check out the entire gallery here

PICS by Don: North Narrabeen, Thr afternoon 14 June 2012

As the daylight drained away on Thursday, I made another trek to the bearpit known as North Narrabeen. The east swell was still in full cry and the afternoon crew were all over it… See all the pictures in this gallery See all the pictures in this gallery  

PICS: Late Weds afternoon chop shredding session at Northy

The light wasn’t the best, the surface conditions were pretty beat up, but there were some very crunchy low tide sections to be had at North Narrabeen late Wednesday afternoon. There were a heap of Pro Junior competitors out too, so despite the less than optimal conditions, I shot over a hundred pics. Click the […]

PICS: Manly, Weds morning 5 Jan 2011

After weeks we finally get a little SE pulse with nice picture taking weather. I decided to check the situation at Manly and discovered there were some fun looking glassy peaks sliding in on the peaking tide. Heaps of folks were on it – which I love when I’m shooting – and while there was […]

Pics from Thursday: North Narrabeen

After lunch I wandered over to North Narrabeen to see what was what. There were small waves from about the Pines all the way to the Alley. A bunch of bodyboarders were looking to get smashed near carparks, while up at Northy things were slightly less hectic for the small crowd. As with Curly, the […]