Grey, drippy, small morning

Hello Friends, Two metres of 10 second period NE swell wasn’t doing much at Dee Why. Set waves were around the chest high mark, but the pattern seemed to be dominated by single wave sets and one to two turn brief little sections. The beach was more consistent and bigger than the point, but neither […]

Up the coast

Hello Friends, Woke up to some fun-size mainly east swell in Crescent Head this morning. 20+ people in the water at the point as the sun cleared the horizon so, with the threat of stiff north wind on the cards, our local host suggested we look south along the road to Plomer. Turned out to […]

PICS: Dee Why to No Mans, Saturday morning 30/6/12

I only had an hour free on Saturday, so I spent it shooting the really very good waves lining into Dee Why from about the surf club to the Pole. If you were out between 0750 and 0840 and caught a wave while I was there, I probably caught you! Check out all 253 pictures […]

Did you like yesterday?

    Hello Friends, As far as the MHL buoy off Sydney’s concerned, this morning is pretty much exactly the same as yesterday, ie swell is out of the east at a touch under 2 metres and the average period is about 10 seconds. The breeze was light and from the NW to begin with. […]

PICS: Mona Vale, Wed arvo pumping

After shooting Manly in the morning, I decided to check out Mona Vale in the afternoon. It was well populated (but so was everywhere with a wave) and the shooting conditions were perfect – front lit, offshore and two metres of 10 sec east swell doing its thing. I found myself a nice spot and […]


Hello Friends, It’s pumping at east swell spots, so take care if you’re heading out. Looks like a morning of solid swell coming up. The wind is set to be light offshore, it’s sunny and there’s two metres of cleaned up 10 second east swell pushing in. You really should be spoiled for choices this […]

What a day!

Hello late evening visitors! Hope Sydney surfers all got in for a wave at some point during the day. The NE swell was pumping at exposed places. Sets were into the overhead range (solidly) and it was pretty consistent.   I did a fair amount of shooting too. Started this morning at Northy on a […]

Huey settles down

Hello Friends, Much less choppy this morning, but the swell has dropped pretty dramatically as well. It’s still out of the east (so not too great for Dee Why, which is the only place I’ve looked at so far today). Winds were lightly west and are expected to go N-NE but to weaken further as […]

Good size at Dee Why

The first snap of the day… more to come in the next hour or two… If you’re interested, here’s a link to yesterday evening’s wrap up post with a heap of pics…