Good day for ducks

Hello Friends, You’ll need to be super keen to paddle out this morning. Dee Why was junky and mostly small under rainy skies. There were a few diehards in the water, but although size on sets along the beach was into the shoulder high range on the biggest ones, the utter lack of banks made […]

Scrappy conditions again

Hello Friends, Tide was low around 0520 this morning and will hit the high at around 1150. Not that it’s likely to make much difference to Dee Why. As the day got started, the wind swell was lapping in at about 7 seconds apart. It was close to the 2 metre mark at sea and […]

Stay in bed Saturday morning, but maybe this arvo…

Midday update: Actual sunshine witnessed for the first time in days. And I can finally see the beach from the crows nest once more. Not all that fabulous looking it has to be admitted. And the water will be freshly topped up with a nice dose of street run-off. Swell has held just above the […]

Drizzly skies but not flat

Hello Friends, Three reports in one day! How’s that for dedication? Went back to Northy for the late with about 60 other similarly inclined folks. Swell had pushed up a bit more so PB and I jumped in for a few. Pretty fun it was too, despite the crowd. It was just consistent enough that […]