Spotted a wave this morning

Hello Friends, There’s just a hint of ESE wind swell along the beaches this morning. The MHL buoy is showing a metre at 7 seconds, so there really isn’t much to work with. Still, I did get a snap of someone on a waist high bump at Dee Why. From the shape of the Bureau’s […]

Near flat morning

Hello Friends, Tiny but glassy little ESE peaks on offer at daybreak in Dee Why. Inconsistent ESE wind swell of about a metre out at sea but with an average period of only around 7 seconds. Biggest set wave I saw was the one in the picture. I’m calling it knee high plus. As this […]

Nothing much here… or there

Hello Friends, The numbers don’t look too flash for Sydney this morning. The MHL buoy data reveals that whatever energy there was around the place yesterday has pretty much disappeared. Apparently it’s about a metre from the SSE out at sea, but since the period is just 7 seconds, it’s hardly a surprise that the […]

Happy Australia Day

Hello Friends, Looks like a good day to duck along to your local Australia Day breakfast. Dee Why is probably a reasonable approximation of what you’ll find at most beaches across Sydney this morning. The metre or so of 7 second period ESE windswell will be struggling to deliver much of anything in the surfable […]

Afternoon update

Hello Friends, Gee, I wish I had some exciting news for you on the surf front. But sadly, I don’t. Just had a look  the Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch and can report that you will need to be exceptionally keen to attempt surfing. There were a few bods in the water up toward Northy chasing sub waist […]

Along the beaches this am

Hi all, For those of you who haven’t checked out the video update, I’m here to tell ya that the general conditions are just as ordinary everywhere as I thought they might be when I filed my first report. That said, it is kind of weird how uncrowded everywhere was. Sure the conditions are maybe […]

Breezy morning

Hello Friends, I’ll run out and look for a few more pics, but from the appearance of Dee Why at 0715, I probably shouldn’t be overly hopeful. Wind is out of the NE at around 10-15kts and according to the MHL data, the windswell is a metre from the  ESE at around 7 sec apart. […]