Pics from midday Monday south of Gardens

Decided it was too small to go for a surf at Dee Why after seeing it this morning. Unbeknownst to me, the weak swell was focusing at various points along the Narrabeen to South Narrabeen stretch – a fact I discovered when I went for a bike ride around lunchtime (with a wetty and my […]

Just about all gone for now

Hello Friends, All over bar the shouting this morning at Dee Why. Swell has dropped to less than a third of yesterday’s peak and as of 0600 was 1.2 metres from the ESE at 8 seconds apart. Translation: wave faces were knee to waist at 0700. Surface conditions were glassy and skies mostly clear, so […]

Tiny Thursday morning

Hello Friends, Although the Bureau’s hoisted at gale warning for the next two days, as of 0630 wind was lightly out of the NW and there really weren’t any waves to speak of at Collaroy and Dee Why. The forecast says we can look forward to the wind arriving by early afternoon. It’ll be coming […]

Beautiful sunny Sunday morning, but…

Hello Friends, What a perfect Sunday morning. Light winds, smooth seas, sunny skies and a high of 23 in prospect. Sadly surfing options appear to be just about – but not quite – nil. There’s only a faint metre or so of ESE windswll lapping into Dee Why. At only 8 seconds apart, it was […]

Pretty small this morning

Hello Friends, As expected, it’s very small this morning. Set wave faces at Dee Why are (infrequently) around the waist high mark. But that smooth sea bottom is making almost all of them close out. The city was fog shrouded but along the beaches skies were clear and winds were light. So, a nice morning […]

Oh so very tiny

Hello Friends, The barest trickle of ESE east swell showing on the MHL buoy data this morning. It’s around a metre out at sea with an average period of 8 seconds. Set waves were just nudging the waist high range at Dee Why beach. So, you might get a touch bigger around at Curly. Wind […]

Little east trickle

Hello Friends, Glassy before 0900 this morning at Dee Why, but the little east swell is, well, little. Only one real peak at the southern end of the beach was picking anything up. Sets, which were breaking pretty close to shore, were about waist high. Tide’s not high until 1020 or so, which means the […]

Not much for Monday

Hello Friends, Given the average period of the metre or so of ESE swell is around the 8 second mark, I’m a little surprised that Dee Why looks as dire as it does. I thought there should be at least the occasional little thing in the knee to waist range. But nothing like that was […]

Smallness dominates

Hello Friends, All’s quiet in Sydney this morning with barely a metre of ESE wind swell lapping listlessly along our beaches. Wind was offshore early at Dee Why, but no one was in the water that I could see. Waves might have been waist high on the very biggest ones, but the line is indistinct, […]

Puniness upon Sydney

Hello Friends, At 0500 the breeze was lightly out of the NNW and a tiny 1 metre, 8 second period wind swell was lapping at the MHL Sydney buoy. The wind should turn NE’ly and push up through the day to be around 15-20 kts in the afternoon. Not a recipe for fine surfing conditions. […]