You gotta be keen

Hello Friends, Just a couple of images to share of the front as it approached toward dusk. Ocean pretty torn up and sideshore but a little line seemed to be showing as we finished up. Not a great deal going on at Dee Why this morning. As of 0700, we had just under a metre […]

A sunny morning but tiny at Dee Why

Hello Friends, The clouds parted this morning to reveal a very small and scrappy looking ESE wind swell lapping in from the ESE. As of 0400, it was about a metre at 9 seconds and that meant occasional waist high sets for Dee Why as the 0810 high tide arrived. I could only see one […]

A little left in the tank

Hello Friends, Back in Sydney after a very successful visit to Crescent Head and it’s good to see there’s still the odd set turning up at Dee Why beach this morning. Swell has gone more ESE, but it’s now down to about a metre at 9 seconds on average. Tide has just gone high at […]

Sunny Thursday for Sydney surfers

Hello Friends, Looks like a standard issue summer day coming up for Sydney. Haven’t seen too many in this la nina year, so it makes a nice change. Winds were light for the early, but before long the NE’r will begin to build up and by close of play it could be 15-20kts. So dive […]

Sunny Friday morning, nice!

Hello Friends, A shower or two clearing says the Bureau, but it was mostly sunny at around 0800. Tide was high a little after 0700 and we had a small ESE wind swell of a about a metre at sea with an average period of a touch under 9 seconds. It wasn’t exactly firing up […]

Fading, fading…

Hello Friends, Went for a surf late morning at the point with a crew of others. Sets were getting further apart, but every now and then a good one would come through. Happy to say I scored quite a number on the 7S. Had the Panasonic FT1 with me and grabbed a few snaps to […]

Jagged a few, how ’bout you?

Hello Friends, Did you manage to get any of the swell today? Yours truly left it until mid-afternoon, but got some anyway since the conditions were basically good all day long. Well, weather conditions were good. The swell height stayed pretty much around the metre mark all day, but Huey swung the direction lever from […]