Weds fun morning for all

Hello Friends, Light offshores, sunny skies and a couple of metres of 10 second period ESE swell are making for a fine looking morning. Lots and lots of folks partaking of the plentiful chest to head plus sets at both the beach and point at Dee Why. Given the swell and wind combo, I’ll bet […]

Postcard from Cali + Sat in Sydney thoughts

Hello Friends, Hmmm… ESE 2m @ 10sec and light WSW winds at 0630 in Sydney… that’s not a bad combo on paper. But a look at the radar tells another story; a steady supply of showers is streaming in from the SE, so those winds down at the surface aren’t likely to blow in the […]

Waves again this morning whoohoo!

Hello Friends, Miss it yesterday? Well our old mate Huey has decided to start Thursday with more waves for Sydney ESE spots, so if you can manage it, there should be something at one of your favourite beaches. Swell at sea is holding at around two metres and according to the MHL data, it’s mainly […]

Manly this morning

Went for a look at Manly to see how the swell was behaving itself this morning. Average period was close to 10 seconds and that meant the two metres of E to ESE swell was lighting up the entire stretch from Queensy to south steyne. Throw in sunny skies and light offshores and it was […]

Hmmm, maybe not quite what we hoped for

Late arvo update Well, did you score anything before the southerly chewed it up? Yours truly spent a less than satisfying time in the water at Dee Why point this morning. There were sizable sets, but they weren’t easy to get into because the rip was roaring out through the break and the swell was […]

Grey afternoon, but there waves

Hello Friends, Climbed up into the crows nest to see how the ocean was looking at 345 this afternoon. Dull grey skies overhead, but still some swell about. It seems to be cleaning up a little, although there is a fair amount of lump about despite the generally light winds. A crew was out at […]

That’s Thursday just about gone

Hello Friends, Gotta love Huey. He reckoned we weren’t surfed out yet, so he just kept the swell machine on. Okay, there was the little matter of the wind re-adjustment late this morning which meant that yours truly only got a couple smooth ones at Manly before it got all ruffled and messy. Wind was […]

Wonderful Wednesday

RealSurf’s Don puts up a selection of pictures from an exceptional day of surf on Sydney’s northern beaches.

More waves at more places

Heya Just got some snaps of the Turrimetta to Collaroy stretch and of Long Reef. Lots and lots of folks in the water. I could see at least a dozen at Turimetta (and that’d just be the south end of the beach), 40-50 at Northy and probably twice that number again from there south to […]

Midday round-up

Hello Friends, Sorry about the slow loading site today. Either we got a ton of traffic from someplace, or, what’s more likely,  Don messed up and posted a stupid big picture… but we’re back now, so herewith a bit of a wrap on this morning’s proceedings. After posting my first report, I hoped into the […]