Victory at Sea conditions

Hello Friends, As the Bureau anticipated yesterday evening, the wind has stayed SE overnight and this morning saw 10-15 kts of junk-inducing breezes grinding up any possibility of cleanness. Again, in line with expectations, the swell has cogged down a notch to about the 3 metre mark at 11 seconds apart. It’s swung more to […]

Clean-ish early, but sorta fat

Hello Friends, Still some swell this morning. The MHL buoy registered 3 metres of ESE at nearly 11 seconds an hour or two ago. Wind was light and SW early, but there were on again off again showers and as of 0730 it was only 10C outside the RealSurf wheelhouse. Set wave faces at Dee […]

Big and messy Monday morning

Hello Friends, Raining steadily when I grabbed the pictures this morning and through the thick atmosphere the point looked to be in the overhead range. But it was heaving around and lumpy looking too (which the pics don’t really show). No one was in the water that I could see. At 0600 the swell was […]

More power

This morning saw an uptick in the swell overnight. It’s shifted more to the ESE now and is averaging around 3 metres out at sea with an average period of close to 11 seconds. Once again, we have light offshores for the early – and threatening skies as masses of rain bearing cloud slowly approaches […]

Early is best

        Hello Friends, Swell was around 3 metres from the ESE at 11 seconds apart as the morning got started. We’re headed to a high tide at around 1130, so it’s going to fill in pretty rapidly. By the time the tide turns and starts dropping enough to improve things, the early […]