Freshy to Gardens

Hello Friends, As promised, went out and about with the lens to see if I could get a few extra pics from this morning’s beach activity. First stop was Freshy where one guy was waiting a very long time for knee to waist high sets. He finally jagged one and I got the shot below: […]


After checking out Dee Why and Curly, I headed out the Curly headland to see what Freshy and Manly looked like. As it has over the last few days, Freshwater had a few very weak and tiny, but sort of catchable little waves in the north corner. The wind wasn’t doing it too much damage […]

Along the beaches, part the second

Went for a look at Curly & Freshy around 0830 after the school run. Curly was about the same as yesterday, but thanks to the lighter winds, it was looking a little more attractive. Not that many more in the water though. I wouldn’t want to be accused of overstating the situation though. The biggest […]

Wave hunt part 2

  Bit of a delay between observation and report. Had to do a meeting. You know how it is. Anyway, after leaving Dee Why, I came over the hill to find Curly was just as fat and marginal. A few bods were in the water, but you wouldn’t say it was all that impressive. Long […]

Freshy softly softly

The old Freshy was lookin’ better yesterday morning when I checked it out around 0730. There were more people in the water for fewer waves this morning though. Dominant swell angle seems to be just missing it. But then again, since the swell, so called, is struggling hard to get into the waist high range […]