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VIDEO:: Billabong Pipeline Masters Finals:: Kelly Slater

Posted by: on December 16th, 2008

Here’s some Finals footage from from the Pipeline Masters, which we all know Kelly won, again – included is an interview with Joel Parkinson, Adrian Buchan, and Kelly Slater.

Video from the great guys at

Audio: Phil Jarratt talks about new Kelly Slater book

Posted by: on November 16th, 2008
For The Love cover

For The Love cover

I was listening to Radio National when an interview with Phil Jarratt came on. I scrambled around for some cables and managed to get part of it recorded (see below). Jarratt is talking about the just-published book he helped Kelly Slater write and he throws in a few tidbits (eg Slats’ interesting theory about homogenized milk) to get the interest up. The book’s called For the Love, it retails in the US for USD35 and it sounds kinda interesting. Should be some pretty nice pics too…

Phil Jarratt interviewed about new Kelly Slater bio

Publisher site | Kelly Slater wikipedia entry | Radio National online

For the Love By Kelly Slater

with Phil Jarratt

Introduction by Jack Johnson
9 x 10-3/4 in; 192 pp ; 200 color photographs
Published in September, 2008
ISBN 9780811862226
ISBN10 0811862224

VIDEO — BILLABONG PRO MUNDAKA – Slater Winning Heat, Interview & Day 6 Highlights

Posted by: on October 5th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a link to the Billabong Pro Mundaka 2008 – DAY 6 VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS on

Here’s a link to video of Kelly Slater’s winning heat yesterday. This was sent in by Darren Reinke. You can check out other cool vids and stuff by Darren at Thanks for sharing, Darren.

He almost died, G land 15 Sept 08

Posted by: on September 24th, 2008

RealSurfer Marcus van Riet explains:

The interview is a recording of Dr Phil Chapman reading his notes of a case report he gave to me, and the conversation between myself, the doc and Matt Dobell regarding the near death of a surfer at G land on the 15Th of September 2008.
I am sending this recording to you guys so that the story of how a man nearly died at G land from lack of outside help may be prevented in the future possibly published in some way, and assume you will not edit the story or recording too far from the facts (within reason).
dr Phils email addresses are incuded for you to contact him if need be, he can get you in contact with others at the camp.

Click the play button to hear the interview!

Marcus Interview with the Doc