Fading swell Saturday

Hello Friends,  A swampy 1.8 m high tide at 0800 plus a mainly SSE swell that’s dropped from 2.1 m yesterday afternoon to 1.3 m with a 9 second period at daybreak, means minimal surf options this morning. At least the wind looks like staying light and from the north quarters until this afternoon when […]

Pics: Longy & Northy

long reef surfer

Not much happening at the Dee Why end of the beach, but up at Longy there was a steady supply of rideable little peaks and walls to be had.

Long Reef about 1100 (vid)

Long Reef beach video

A minute of video from 1100 this morning at Long Reef beach. Little waves on tap and holiday crowds under sunny skies.

Ok size at the magnets but…

long reef surfer

Hello Friends, The NE’r was making itself felt at 0700, but there were shoulder plus waves to be had if you were in the right spot at the right time. The combo of 9sec 2.4 metre SE and a similar size NE wind swell was providing ample energy. That said, when I checked the Dee […]

Surfin’ Saturday for Sydney

Hello Friends, Interesting mix of NE and SE swell this morning in Sydney. The SE component was dominant and according to the MHL data wwas 1.5 metres at 9 seconds. So, it’s definitely smaller than yesterday. That said, I saw chest plusses at North Narrabeen, Long Reef and No Man’s on my run around this […]

Not gone, look around and be realistic

Hello Friends, Grey and chilly as I made the run back from Manly this morning. Swell has slipped another notch down toward unsurfability, but there were definitely still a few waist plus waves to be found from Manly to Dee Why. Wind was light and swell was a touch under the 1.5 metre mark from […]

Definitely a few waves around from Manly to North Narrabeen

A few pictures from my Manly to RealSurf HQ run earlier this morning. Swell has come up slightly since this morning’s report and while the tide is making most places pretty fat, there are waves to be had at all the beaches I checked. Maybe as the tide drops, and if the wind holds off… […]

Nice morning, small waves too

dy beach surfer

Hello Friends, Can’t fault the set decoration this morning Huey. Nice looking lines too. But why is it they’re all closing out or almost too fat to get into from Dee Why to Longy when high tide was a couple of hours ago? Lots of folks in the water having a go at catching something […]

Little waves about this morning

long reef lagoon surfing

Hello Friends, A few snaps from the Saturday morning circumnavigation of the Plateau to check the surf situation for my weekly radio gig on 702 ABC… Skies were cloudy but temps were comparatively mild and the wind was minimal. The MHL buoy was picking up about 1.3 metres of 13-second SSE swell at 0600. Set […]