Grey skies, grey seas, no energy

Hello Friends, The Sydney MHL buoy was only detecting about 1.5 metres of 7-second period NE windswell as of 0600. An hour later when I grabbed a snap of the point, it was looking unsurfably small. Tide will be high at 0910, so the extra fatness isn’t helping things along. Wind was light from the […]

A few little offerings from Huey this morning

Hello Friends, Warm one coming up but at least there was a little waist to plus NE wind swell coming in for the early. Wind’s set to be northerly this morning and then NE later. Tide was a high high at 0730 and will be back to a low 1415. Dee Why looked kinda lumpy […]

Sunday smooth early but tiny

Hello Friends, High tide’s at 1055 this morning, so from that perspective, the early was ok. But from the perspective of actual, rideable waves, well, it was not so ok. According to the MHL specra from 0400, we had about 1.5 metres of 7 second period NE wind bump. For Dee Why this meant knee […]

Not so nice

Hello Friends, If you didn’t get up for the early, no need to fret; there really wasn’t anything going on at Dee Why. As the day got started, we had light NNE wind and about 1.5 metres of short period NE wind swell. Not the combo for Dee Why, but just maybe there’d be a […]

Swell from NE but small

Hello Friends, The MHL buoy spectral data is showing a very distinct NE origin for the little wind swell showing along our beaches this morning. Dee Why was delivering the odd knee to waist set, but the energy levels are low and the surface conditions looking choppy thanks to the steady north breeze. As a […]

Check the NE spots

Hello Friends, An autumnal NW greeted me as I climbed aloft to the crows nest to see what the ocean was doing this morning. Not much at Dee Why as you can see from my picture. A little cluster of mal riders near the rocks at the point and another hopeful punter inside at the […]

Small sunny Sunday

Hello Friends, Light north wind and a 7 second period NE wind swell of about 1.5 metres washing in for the Sunday early crew. It’s sunny as I write this, but the Bureau says we have an 80% chance of rain thanks to the arrival of a vigorous south change packing 20-30 kts of wind. […]

Surf situation dire

Hello Friends, That big old high over the Tasman just doesn’t want to go anywhere and it’s not helping the surf situation at all. While the size of the NE swell at sea is still around the 1.5 metre mark, the average period is a weak 7 seconds. Admittedly Dee Why isn’t the ideal indicator […]

Small offerings from Huey

Hello Friends, Dull start this morning as Huey dresses the joint in La Nina grey. Apparently there’s only a small chance of rain, but it’s going to be a sultry one later. Yesterday’s small but catchable waves look to be another notch smaller this morning. The swell’s gone around to the NE and although it’s […]

Early risers’ little fun

Hello Friends, Beating the NE’r this morning is the plan for Saturday. Either that, or just taking it head on and waiting until the wind is really blasting (around lunchtime). Exposed stretches such as the north end of Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch are showing waist high sets with the odd chest high bomb. Less optimally aligned stretches […]