Marginal offerings

Hello Friends, Grey skies, no wind, incoming tide, 1.5 metres of 8-sec period wind swell out at sea and that all adds up to an as-expected morning of marginal surf conditions. Magnet spots (mid-Manly, north Curly and the Pole) were picking up knee to waist wave faces on the quite infrequent sets. You’ll want a […]

Gee thanks stationary high

Hello Friends, Grey skies yet again, but it was glassy along the northern beaches and a small NE windswell was producing the odd waist high set at the exposed spots. The buoy data shows that the average size at sea is around the 1.5 metre mark and the period is at about 8 seconds. The […]

PICS: Sunday midday at Curly

Sunday the 5th of September was sunny and offshore with a fun-size NE swell at Curl Curl. Lots of folks were on it and I spent an hour between about 1300 and 1400 getting pictures as many different surfers as I could. As always I was looking for the best moments in rides, not the […]

Hotter today

Arvo update: Hopped into the cool waters of North Narrabeen this morning and managed to catch one or two waves for my efforts. It wasn’t anything amazing really, but offshores and momentary little sections are still a good thing. I had my attractively brown-blotched shane stingray and it seemed to be the very thing for […]

Hot one coming up

Afternoon update: coming back from Manly (cheers Frank!) around lunchtime, I scoped the opportunities. There were very few, but it did look as though the odd one might be coming in toward the middle of Dee Why and up at Northy. Did some other stuff and then finally got in the water at the latter. […]

Late arvo surprise

Hello Friends, Spent most of the day wrangling computers, then at dusk decided to get out for a walk – only to discover that there were some quite reasonable looking peaks popping up along the beach from about Marquesas down to Flight Deck. Didn’t have my binos with, so couldn’t really see what the situation […]