North Curl Curl at noon Monday (vid)

video clip of north curl curl

Stopped by North Curly for a look at the waves around midday and grabbed a little clip for you. It was small, but reasonably consistent despite being somewhat fat and weak. Here’s the clip… As I was about to pull out of the parking lot, I spotted this healthy blue tongue making his(?) way north. […]

Piccies: Manly, Curly, Longy

Nothing too amazing going on at Manly, but there were little longboardable things to be caught mainly in the middle of the beach. Looking at it, I’d guess that as the tide swings about, those options will move around. Up at Curly there were soft and slightly bigger, but junkier peaks pretty much from the […]

Noreaster morning

Hello Friends, NE’r going from early today. There was some little E-ENE wind swell showing around the place when I checked at 0700 or so. About the most interesting looking spot I saw was (from a great distance) North Curly. Wave faces looked to be into the shoulder range on the biggest ones. Although the […]

Fresh gallery: North Curly, Wed 9 Oct

It was small lots of places on the morning these 99 pictures were taken at north Curly. But a nice little bank was standing the swell up impressively right off the beach. Rides were quick and shutdowns many, but there were definitely fun ones to be caught. Click the pic below to see all the […]

Minor Monday

Hello Friends, Only a trickle – but there is a trickle – of knee to waist plus SSE swell this morning on the Northern Beaches. Had the opportunity to see Curly as well as Dee Why and I think it’s safe to say that both stretches of the beach were very similar. There were lots […]

Plane crash at North Curl Curl – one dead

Sad news to report. A plane crashed at North Curl Curl around 1000 this morning. One person fot out of the aircraft okay and has been taken away by ambulance.   I went up to get a picture or two and watched as a couple divers jumped off the police boat bobbing around just south […]

Pics from Friday at Curly, Northy & DY

We had a fair amount of east swell on Friday 5 Feb, so yours truly got out and about with the camera. I ended up shooting at Curly in the late morning, then North Narrabeen in the early afternboon and finally, at Dee Why point as the sun was going down. In all three cases […]

Out & about: Sth Narra, Dee Why, Curly

Went for a little wander to check out the conditions. The dominant feature at 0900 was the chop. The SSE wind was chewing up pretty much everywhere I looked. Far South Narra was probably the least affected, but the waves were weak and around waist high at best. Dee Why was lumpy and junky looking, […]

Curly lookin’ very small

Curly’s not curling too spectacularly. Hardly anyone in the water up the north end and just two mad bodyboarders trying to dash themselves to death on the rocks south of the pool at south Curly. Sets at North Curly were struggling to get to waist high at around 0740. The only catchable ones were breaking […]