Oceaneye – Did you miss this yesterday?

www.Oceaneye.com.au – Did you miss out on this yesterday afternoon? Hey guys, Brad from Oceaneye here. Been a long time since posting on Realsurf.We’ve been very busy building a completely new site. Check it out if you haven’t lately. Anyhow, as most of us know, the surf was crud yesterday morning. After the midday storm […]

Some sweet waves still around

Great waves yesterday and today aint too bad either! Check out these Oceaneye shots from yesterday and this morning. Can’t tell you where they are though. You’ll have to work it out! Lots more photos can found in our Surf Sessions Gallery. Enjoy!

Oceaneye – Bungan off the richter!

Photo: Bungan Beach off the richter! Yesterday. Still plenty of fantastic waves today. Size around if you look for it. 3-4 and clean. Yesterday was just maddness though! Hope you all experienced a bit of it. Even if it was only from the beach! Check out our Bungan archive gallery at www.oceaneye.com.au

Oceaneye – Today is micro compared to this photo of North Avalon

Photo: North Avalon all time! How amazing was yesterday! Today is massively dissapointing. Hard to believe it’s the same ocean! Pretty small and fat in most places I’ve seen and read about. Oceaneye.com.au has new photo archives for yesterday. Manly, Avalon and Palm Beach will be added later. South palm was so perfect. Never seen […]

Oceaneye – Autumn rocks!

Photo: Squat Barrel – Narrabeen Some nice smooth hollow waves this morning. As I report the wind has swung onshore, but the swell is still there and your normal reefs should have something to keep the punters interested this afternoon.

Oceaneye – Want some weed?

Photo: Manly – Want some weed? / Seaweed Soup! Some small clean waves are around, but so is the dreaded stinky weed!

Oceaneye – Winkipop Firing

Photo: Winkipop this morning and yesterday looked like this. Sick! Thanks god some decent waves hit this weekend and this morning… Just when I received 2 free nights in a hotel in the city and missed it all :o( Jules has been around and about though getting some great shots and pits himself. Hope you […]

Dream of barrels… and eels?

Photo: Dee Why barrel not so long ago. Everyone, pray for more barrels like this one recently at Dee Why. Too much talk about the ‘S’ word lately has manifested them in the water. Lets talk more about the ‘B’ word and manifest these! :o) Photo: Ugly beach eel There are some other animals that […]

Oceaneye.com.au – Reminisce to last Friday

Photo: Dropknee barrell on Friday. Hello dedicated Realsurf readers. My name is Brad Rasmus and I represent Oceaneye.com.au – Northern Beaches Surf Photography. I was lucky enough to meet Don the other day and he allowed me access in submitting blogs to Realsurf. Stoked! I won’t be on here reporting each day, but expect to […]