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On Surfari: Old Bar and Crescent Head

Posted by: on April 26th, 2010

Hello late evening fans,

Set off on my biennial surfari with mate Guy this morning. (We first started doing these trips back in 1977!). We left Sydney with some pretty tasty looking conditions early and were therefore hopeful about what we’d find. We checked the situation at Old Bar around 1400. Winds were good at the point, but there was no hint of swell, so we pushed onward, hoping to find something at Crescent before the light went away.

What we found was extremely small, but not totally flat conditions. Fortunately we have mals as well as short boards, so we went for a splash. It was very inconsistent and rarely above knee high, but there were three or four sets, so against the evidence of our senses, we’re nurturing hopes for tomorrow…

Here’s the wave of the late arvo session… it came in while we were getting ready to go out…