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Posted by: on October 15th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

The framed album artwork is still being prepared BUT the Kings of Leon Only By The Night CDs that everyone won from RealSurf have been signed by the band in the US and are on their way back to Australia.

I will be sending them out to the 14 lucky winners as soon as they arrive and I’ll announce it here as well as in RealSurf Top Stories, of course 🙂

Best of waves,



As soon a

LAST DAY for Surf is. . . Sex On Fire

Posted by: on September 30th, 2008

What fun this has been. I stuffed up on the last day though. I forgot to get Don to change the lyric line today. So, we’ll go with the same one to finish up then. You can enter more than once if you like.

So, to win Kings of Leon Only By The Night framed album artwork, signed by the band, or a signed copy of this newly released CD, with the single Sex On Fire, check out the competition page for the last day.

Surf is . . . Sex On Fire Competition Page

Matthew Kilpatrick wins the first Kings of Leon album in RealSurf’s Surf is . . . Sex On Fire

Posted by: on September 18th, 2008

It’s DAY 2 of Surf is . . . Sex On Fire at RealSurf. Don’t forget to check out the Daily Line from the lyrics to Sex On Fire for your chance to win the new Kings of Leon album, Only By The Night, signed by the band.

One winner every day for 14 days. Plus the grand prize of the framed album artwork, also signed by the band.

Congratulations MATTHEW KILPATRICK, the first winner in the competition.

The Daily Line for Day 1 was “Them knuckles are pale”

Winning answer: “them knuckles are pale”/ I’m feelin frail/ as i begin to bail/ and i get driven like a nail/ into the reef, it feels like i failed

REALSURF COMPETITION — Surf is . . . Sex On Fire

Posted by: on September 18th, 2008

Sex On Fire is the first single from the new Kings of Leon album. Everyone’s waiting for this CD to hit Australian stores on 22 September and RealSurf’s got 14 of ’em to give away, and ours are signed by the band.

GRAND PRIZE :: One lucky RealSurfer will also win the framed album artwork, also signed by the band.

Entering is easier than figuring out where you’re going to surf this weekend. Check it out.

Competition page:  Surf is . . . Sex On Fire


Just watch the Sex On Fire video on It’s an awesome song.

Here’s the album cover too, so you know what it will look like in stores and on your wall maybe!

"Only By The Night" - Kings of Leon (2008)

Surf is . . . Sex On Fire

Posted by: on September 17th, 2008

How’s that for a headline? 🙂  . . . You guys know I just love coming up with fun ways to give away stuff. And as you also know, it would be far too easy to say, first surfer to email me wins – not very sporting for you or me.

So. . . . I’ve got 14 Kings of Leon “Only By The Night” CDs, signed by the band to give away – one a day for 14 days. This CD includes the single “Sex On Fire” that everyone is talking about.

I’m also giving away 1 framed album artwork, signed by the band. So, click on to win, folks!

Go to:  Surf is . . . Sex On Fire

Have fun and good luck!!!

Oh and here’s a link directly to the song video on Have a listen: Sex On Fire