Stormy conditions suitable only for the super keen

Manly surfer

Hello Friends, Not a day when many folks want to go for a surf – despite the fact that there is some size around and even a few places that aren’t totally ripped to bits by the SSE wind. At 0830 there were a few folks having a go at Manly in the rather soft […]

Fat and small but just surfable

Hello Friends, Sorry to run late. Had a chance to see the activity from Manly up to Long Reef and the general picture is of flabby, waist high but still glassy wind swell lumps left over from yesterday’s blow. There were folks in the water from south Steyne to Queenscliff at Manly, but the biggest […]

Look around and you might get lucky

Hello Friends, Don’tcha hate it when you sleep in and miss out? That was your correspondent this morning. Doing the run to Manly and back this morning revealed beautiful, if tiny offshore conditions along the beaches. Manly was knee to waist plus, inconsistent and kind of weak looking. Swell was out of the SE at […]

Small and inconsistent but not flat

Hello Friends, On again off again light showers and cool temps seem to have dissuaded the crowds this morning along the beaches between Manly and Dee Why. Of course knee to waist high conditions don’t help much either. Swell, such as it is, is out of the east mainly at about a metre with an […]

Surf pic galleries: Gardens, North Narra, Mona Vale & Manly

First surfer picture galleries I’ve posted in absolute yonks. We finally had good shooting conditions and sizable swell on the weekend of the the 16-17th. On Saturday morning I started at Gardens, then moved up to North Narrabeen and finished up at Mona Vale. Next day, I spent an hour or so shooting between North […]

Fresh pics: Manly, Friday morning 1030-1130

After getting a few waves, I grabbed the camera and wandered along the Manly beachfront getting shots of folks on waves. Sunny skies and offshore winds made the chest to head high conditions look pretty fine. I pulled together a dozen or so of the highlights for the slideshow below, but of course there are […]

PICS by Don: Queenscliff Thursday morning

On Thursday morning I decided to wander down to Manly for a look at the last of the big south swell. Wave faces on the bigger ones were still into the head high range, but you could see the swell was backing off pretty quickly. I shot for half an hour between 1000 and 1030 […]

Manly wins

Whilst sitting at Freshie writing report stuff earlier, I couldn’t help but notice how much white water was bouncing off the cliff line at North Head. So, I headed over the hill to the land of Big Al for a quick look-see… And what did I see but actual, real live, waves. The swell, which […]

Afternoon update for Monday

Hello Friends, Had a meeting down at Clontarf, so on the way back I took the opportunity to check out a few beaches and to grab some snaps with Nikon’s whizzy new D700 digital SLR. Manly was relatively small, but from about North Steyne up to Queenscliff, there were some rather clean and fun size […]