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Radio heads: Don’s Sat am surf report

Posted by: on August 1st, 2009

Here’s an MP3 of my surf chat with Simon Marnie on the weekend show at around 0730…

Don talks surf for Sat 1 Aug 2009 in Sydney with Simon Marnie on ABC 702 radio.

Don’s 702 ABC radio surf report

Posted by: on February 28th, 2009

Here’s my regular Saturday morning surf chat with Simon Marnie of the weekend show on Sydney ABC 702 radio.

Saturday morning surf report on ABC 702 Sydney radio

Smooth and small early

Posted by: on November 29th, 2008

Hello Friends,

Zippo at Dee Why around 0645

Zippo at Dee Why around 0645

Barely a breath of wind this morning to start. Sadly, barely any waves as well. I couldn’t spot anyone in the water at Dee Why, and given the general punyness, I’d be very surprised if there was much going on anywhere. Your best bet will be stretches open to the NE where you might find a little tiny knee to waist high lump. But you’ll need to be extra keen and have the appropriate equipment to get anything happening.

Outlook is for the wind to be out of the SW at 10-15 kts, turning more to the SE in the afternoon. Same deal tomorrow morning apparently says the Bureau, but Sunday afternoon will feature NE wind of 10-15kts. From the look of the models, there might be a little pulse of south windswell to go with the NE’r, but I’d be impressed if it was much above waist high at the best spots.

All and all looks like a weekend for desperates and ocean swimmers.

Ah well, Huey will return…

Go well!
Here’s the 702 ABC radio surf report for Saturday…

Don and Simon Marnie talk surf

Showery start

Posted by: on October 4th, 2008
0830: pretty unimpressive offering this morning at Dee Why.

0830: pretty unimpressive offering this morning at Dee Why.

Hello Friends,

So, Slats has picked up number 9. Phenomenal. I reckon he might come from a different planet

Light showers and SE wind to kick off Saturday in Sydney. Strictly ordinary conditions it has to be said. Really no reason to be out the door and off to the beach at first light. In fact, I’m not too hopeful about the prospects for today or tomorrow.

The MHL buoy is reporting less than a metre of 6-sec period ENE windswell. So, even if we didn’t have 10-15 kts of SSE winds working it over (and those showers), the prospects would be distinctly ordinary. Oh, and just to add insult to injury, there’s a nice fat high tide just before 1100. High tide, micro and onshore, what a combo. Oh, and there’s going to be another SE change later today.

And the outlook for tomorrow is basically more of the same, ie E-SE winds (light though) and a metre of NE windswell dribble.

We’re due for another south change on Monday. Ahead of it the wind is set to be out of the NW, and there’s not much in prospect on the surf front. Expect more wimpy, tiny windswell from the NE.

Now for some good news.

From about Tuesday onward, the models are projecting the arrival of several south pulses along the NSW coast. The first one could peak around midday on Tuesday at roughly 2 metres from the south with a power setting of 7-9 seconds. Here’s a link to three reports from early this year with those particular settings (scroll down below the tags)

If the models are correct, then we should see a slight improvement to the power setting (getting closer to the 10 sec mark) on Wednesday. Wind is set to be generally out of the easterly quarters in the arvo, but with luck it could have a touch of west early.

Thursday is my pick day because the models are forecasting 2.5 metres of 15-17 sec period south swell with light NE winds! We’re still a long way away from Thursday, so I’d put this into my watching briefs for now. Don’t be surprised if that forecast gets scaled back as we get closer to the day…

Okay, enough out of me for now, but check back later because I’m going to post our first ever editors’ choice links.

Just finished the radio surf report on 702 ABC, click the little play icon below to have a listen!
Saturday morning Sydney surf call by Don on ABC 702 radio

Audio: Don’s surf call with Simon Marnie on ABC radio 702

Posted by: on August 9th, 2008


Your webmaster exchanges witticisms with the ever sunny Simon Marnie on ABC Sydney radio 702’s weekend show.