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29.01.09 news and cams of interest

Posted by: on January 29th, 2009

Hi All

The best of the Australian surf cams I could find this morning was coastalwatch’s Margs cam. Proper waves out west for you lucky pups. Qld, NSW and Vic all look knee to waist high for the most part.

About the best live cam I could find overseas was’s Rocky Point unit on the north shore. Not super clean, but some size at least…

Looks as though today’s high tide spots will be the low tide spots for our kids and grandkids – according to the latest research from the CSIRO. Here’s a taste from the story on the ABC site.

Dr John Church told the committee a sea level rise of 80 to 90 centimetres by 2100 seems likely.

He says strong action now will not stop significant coastal disruption.

“We cannot prevent all sea level rise. We will have to adapt to some sea level rise,” he said.

The scientists say that uncertainty about melting icecaps means it is hard to predict the impact of rising sea levels on the Australian coastline.

I wonder what the rising tide’ll do to surf spots such as the Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland? According to this write up in the Santa Barbara Independent, there’s a good new surf movie about Irish surfing making its world debut in my old home town. The doco is called Waveriders and is the work of a guy named Joel Conroy. Here’s a bit of the blurb from the film’s website:

Waveriders is the previously untold story of the unlikely Irish roots of the worldwide surfing phenomenon and today’s pioneers of Irish big wave surfing. The story unfolds through the inspirational and ultimately tragic history of Irish/Hawaiian legendary waterman, George Freeth. Freeth, son of an Irishman, was responsible for the rebirth of this sport of Hawaiian kings in the early twentieth century. With its distinguished cast of world-renowned Irish, British and Irish/American surfers WAVERIDERS journeys full-circle from Hawaii to California and back to Irish shores following Freeth’s wave of influence. This journey reaches a spectacular climax when the surfers conquer the biggest swell ever to have been ridden in Ireland catching monster waves of over fifty feet.

Mornin’ all

Posted by: on January 7th, 2009

Hello Friends,

California pelicans pick up a little free lift from the windswell coming into Mesa Lane, Santa Barbara.

California pelicans pick up a little free lift from the windswell coming into Mesa Lane, Santa Barbara.

Time for a brief update. Your correspondent is having a work day, so I took a break to run down and make sure there wasn’t any swell locally. And there really isn’t. Although I think there’s a lack of keeness because I reckon with a mal you could pick up a few soft ones at some of the spots I checked. We have a small fading NW swell and some weak, short period windswell. But we’re due to get a small pulse tomorrow, so I have my fingers crossed… from the look of the California St camera, Ventura is not as rideable today as it was yesterday arvo. has a camera there as well, but it is a bit annoying as you have to wait quite awhile to start and then it only runs for 30 seconds – unless you’ve subscribed. Speaking of cams, Wetsand’s Rocky Point unit is showing some fun size sets for the lucky pups battling it out at the famous Hawaiian spot.

…here’s what I wrote earlier this morning…

Just a quick hello from the other side of the world (well, for those of you in Oz!). I’ll save you a trip to the Bureau’s Sydney region forecast for today. It says:

Wind: S/SE 15/20 knots, easing to 10/15 knots during the morning, then tending NE and increasing to 20/25 knots during the afternoon. S change 20/25 knots tonight. Sea: 1 to 2 metres rising to 2.5 metres in the afternoonSwell: NE 1 to 2 metres. Possible sea fog. Chance late thunderstorm.

As of 0500, the southerly was blowing anywhere from 15 to 25 kts depending on where you’re standing along the Sydney coastline. Blergh.

Meanwhile, the MHL combined buoy traces are showing average swell heights in the 1.5 metre range and average periods of just under 8 sec. Double blergh.

And the forecast is for it to be damn warm today. Up to 34 apparently. Get out the mal or fish or whatever and escape the heat I’d say.

I’ll aim to bob up later with a few thoughts on the situation here in Cali…

Go well!