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It’s pumping this morning at Dee Why point

Posted by: on July 28th, 2015

Hello Friends,

As good as it gets this morning at the point. Set wave faces were well overhead and the swell angle was just the right degree off dead south with a 12-sec period. Surface conditions were super clean thanks to a morning offshore. And naturally, there were more than a few punters in the water. The swell’s too lined up and big for the beachy, so the point’s the only game in Dee Why town.
The Bureau says this morning will be your best shot because they’re predicting the wind will swing around to the south this afternoon. Tide was high at 0525 and is now dropping to the low at 1110.
Because the swell angle is so south and the line so long, I’m guessing that surf options will be frustratingly limited to just a few of the rockier bits of our coastline.
Swell looks like it’ll fade out by close of play tomorrow. The Bureau says the expected afternoon southerly will carry on into the early sesh tomorrow, but then the wind should go light and variable later.
My plan is to stop by the point for a spot of photo-taking in an hour or so.
Have yourself a top old day and check back later for pics of the fun!

dy big wave

Solid and overhead at the point 0715

dy point surfer on nice wave

More of that wave

dee why beach wave

Probably too shutty-downy to be worth it up the beach