SE wind and swell

Hello Friends, Ocean looked very messy at 0715 thanks to a steady 10-15 knots of SE wind. But there is significantly more swell than yesterday (in line with expectations). The Bureau says we should expect a mix of 1.5-2.5 metre south and 1 metre of east. If it wasn’t for the wind, the point would […]

Sunday and the surfin’ is looking good

Hello Friends, A mostly sunny morning with light westerlies and a couple metres of 10 second period south swell for International Surf Day. And that means fun right along Sydney’s beaches. Unless you have some pressing obligation, I’d be heading out looking for a wave if I could. From the look of the forecasts, we […]

Saturday wrapped

Hello Friends, Did you get in amongst it? If so, I hope you went a bit better than I did. PB and I headed down to No Mans around mid-morning. Not sure I’ve ever encountered so much sweep there. Basically the entire go-out was spent paddling steadily toward the south. If you relaxed for a […]

A few snaps from this morning

Hello Friends, Out and about this morning on your behalf and got a few snaps. If you’re toying with the idea of the super peak at Dee Why, be prepared for intensely crowded conditions. A few folks I talked to had only managed to get one or two waves in the course of an hour […]

Grey start but waves still

Hello Friends, Just ducked out to run an errand and had a look at the situation mid-morning. Pick spot seemed to be an inconsistent Longy. But there would be waves for desperates along the entire Dee Why stretch and ditto north from about Marquesas to Northy. Skies are grey and our swell has weakened overnight […]

Close of play wrap

Hello Friends, What a day for yours truly. That’s three days in a row sweating over how the site is working… we seem to have recovered everything and it seems to be doing what it’s supposed to be. At around 4, with the site largely restored, I decided to duck out for a quick look […]