Where’d summer go?

Hello Friends, Steady 20 kts of southerly and light rain greeted early risers today. Very unsummery. No one in the water at Dee Why at 0600 – which is hardly surprising given the details. Swell is around 2.5 metres from the south with an average period of about 8 seconds. Visibility was too poor to […]

Bumped up at Dee Why

Hello Friends, As the south change developed overnight, we got a little bump in swell energy and this morning saw chest high sets along the beach at Dee Why. After weeks of tiny conditions, the banks at the south end look to be pretty uniform and on the low tide they were shutting down hard […]

Stormy Sunday

Hello Friends, Not the most inviting morning for a surf in Sydney. After a wild, windy and rainy night, it’s settled down a little. Rain continues, though not quite as heavily, and the wind is coming from the SE at 25-35 kts. The swell is dead south at about 2.5 metres on average, but the […]

Waves early, but brrrr!

Hello Friends, Not warm this morning, but there are waves. We have a couple metres of 8 sec period south swell working its way into the usual spots. The beachy is bigger than the point at Dee Why, with sets approaching the shoulder high range. Lots of folk were not being put off by the […]

Sunny, little waves too

Went for a splash at far south Narrabeen. Lotsa little shutdowns, but the water was clear and it was such a beautiful morning… here’s a snap I took with the new Olympus 1050 SW… Hello Friends, Typical. Long weekend ends and we have a bright sunny morning (bit chilly) and little waves coming in. The […]