Too south for Dee Why?

1315 update: Wind is working around to the south and letting the swell come in (as the Goat foretold!) swell is a touch over the 2 metre mark now but the average period has slipped back a bit to around 9 seconds. The combo is delivering some shoulder high sets for a reasonable crew parked […]

A morning to sleep in, maybe later

Hello Friends, A particularly heavy shower rattled down on the roof tiles just after I grabbed the pic at around 0645. Just kinda underlined the yuck factor. The south swell is a couple metres on average and the period is close to 11 seconds. But Dee Why was a grey, undistinguished mess thanks to 20-30 […]

PICS: Longy bombies on a sunny Thr afternoon

Sunny afternoon with a slowly fading south swell provided yours truly with a some picture taking opportunities at Long Reef. I shot for about an hour (from about 1600-1700). The swell produced chest to head high sets for the good sized crew at the bombies. Just click on the pic below and you can go […]

Fading but not gone

Hello Friends, Clean surface conditions this morning as yesterday’s south pulse backs off along Sydney’s beaches. If your favourite stretch of sand doesn’t like straight south, there’s no need to bother. If it does, you’re looking at mostly waist high with the odd sneaker into the chest high range. The trendlines are pointing downward, so […]

Little but surfable

Hello Friends, Light winds and a somewhat intermittent south swell for the morning folk on this Monday. Bureau says there could be a few more showers as the day goes along. From the look of the buoy data and the forecast models, we should have more or less the same conditions for the rest of […]