Swell still here but smaller

        Hello Friends, Tide was low at 0615 so by the time most people were paddling out for the early, it had turned and was heading back in. That should add a little extra energy to the diminished and now more southerly swell. Out at sea it’s a couple metres at 10 […]

Huey’s back in da house

Hello Friends, Swell arrived down south yesterday and while most of us were sleeping last night, it started coming up in Sydney as well. Swell at sea is currently showing at about two metres from the south with a useful average period of 10 seconds to which the big guy is adding the odd 14 […]

Sunny morning with some south swell

Hello Friends, Faintly offshore this morning and you’d think with a couple metres of 10 second period south swell out at sea, there’d be more activity at the Dee Why end of the Longy-DY stretch. It was twice the size yesterday afternoon when the period setting on the swell was only a second or two […]

Well, well, what have we here?

Hello Friends, When I knocked off yesterday evening, the MHL buoy was showing about 1.5 metres of ESE windswell. The average period was just 6 seconds. But at midnight Huey decided to ramp up the energy and by dawn the average period was a juicy 10 seconds with some 14sec peak component thrown in to […]