Small south lines at Dee Why Sunday morning

Hello Friends, The ocean was showing a little more life this Sunday morning. But it’s still quite small. Given the numbers reported by the MHL buoy off Sydney, I’m a bit surprised that the sets aren’t bigger. Maybe I was watching during a long lull… at any rate, it’s showing a couple metres from the […]

Hello Friends, Southerly swell has pulsed up again this morning and for the early risers the wind was out of the WSW. The MHL buoy shows that it’s averaging around 2 metres and the average period is about 9 seconds. When I took my first pictures of the day at around 0645 the incoming tide […]

Still some waves, but smaller

Hello Friends, Yesterday afternoon’s pulse has faded back overnight but there’s still a couple metres of south swell. Coldest morning we’ve had since August apparently, but the SW wind’s not doing much so with luck we should have waves all day and into tomorrow morning. The latest run of the models is showing this pulse […]

Pics: Dee Why beach & Mona Vale Sun 16 May

Sunday saw a significant drop in power and size, but there were still waves to be had at Sydney’s beaches. I shot at Dee Why and then checked out Mona Vale. If you were in the water, I might’ve caught one or two of your stylin’ moves. Dee Why beach 16 May 2010 (am) – […]

Thursday early-riser info

Hello Friends, Too dark to see as I write this, so here’s the latest from the Bureau until I get back with some pics and details… A few piccies for ya       Swell is south at 2 metres on a period of 9 seconds, with some 11 second stuff in the mix. No […]

Tiny but not flat

Hello Friends, We’ve got a little pulse happening this morning. It’s nothing dramatic, in fact it’s really only a touch bigger than yesterday at this time. Out at sea off Sydney, the 2m swell is mainly out of the south at 9 to 11 seconds apart. If you’re going to get in the water this […]