PICS by Don: Friday 8/7 Dee Why morning and afternoon

I shot at Dee Why in both the morning and the afternoon on Friday 8 July. There were good size sets in both sessions and lots of folks in the water too. Managed to get a few nice pics of the sizable conditions (wave faces were up to 8-foot on sets), so who knows, maybe […]

Afternoon update

Hello Friends Over the course of the day, the south swell rolling into Sydney built up from chest to shoulder high at exposed spots to head high plus. The MHL data shows that it’s stayed around the 3 metre mark out at sea since late last night, but from about midday on the average and […]

Another amazing day

Hello Friends, Your crazy webmaster spent a couple hours shooting stills and vid at DY this arvo. Putting some pics up for main page, more in this post too. It was extremely crowded on the main peak out in front of the SLSC. The point was busy too, but also smaller and less consistent than […]

Clouds gather, but waves again

Hello Friends, Will we break the server again this morning… I’m on tenter hooks… As anticipated, the swell peaked overnight. It’s still dead south and the MHL data is now showing average size of 3 metres at 11 sec, with some peak component of 15 sec and sea + swell heights of 5 metres. So, […]