Sunday afternoon change

Hello Friends, What a relief. Change came through mid afternoon and the temperature at my joint dropped about 14 degrees. Depending on where you were along the coast, the southerly was whipping along at anywhere from 25 to 40 kts on gusts. Not surprisingly this has coincided with the primary swell direction swinging south. Average […]

As you’d expect

Hello Friends, Had a look at Collaroy and Whiterock as well as Dee Why this morning and can report that the south swell has just too brief a period to really get around into the corners. The swell went south before daybreak and by 0830 had ramped up to three metres at sea, but the […]

hey look, waves!

Hello Friends, Hadn’t looked at the beach in a few hours when a message came in from mate Barry to tell that things were changing. And so they have. Swell has gone more south and jumped from about a metre at less than 6 seconds on average to around 3 metres at about 7-8 seconds. […]

That’s a relief

Hello Friends, When did the change come through your place last night? It hit Warringah shire around 1250 according to my alarm clock. It’s pushed up the swell a reasonable amount, but the direction is of course the same as the wind. So, that means the biggest stuff is where the onshores are strongest. I […]

Rain and a southerly

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Wind is howling along quite nicely up here in the hills behind Dee Why. The Bureau says it’s up to 20-30 kts along the coast. We’re still getting showers through the joint at regular intervals and it hasn’t warmed up at all either. Around 3 pm, we had a ten minute break between […]