Wind ripping it to shreds at Dee Why this morning

Hello Friends, You can write off Dee Why this morning. Wind is out of the SSW at 20-30 kts. According to the Bureau, the wind’s supposed to weaken a little around midday and the 4 metre south swell is meant to go more SE (a good thing). I doubt that Dee Why will come into […]

Kinda windy

Hello Friends, 1030: Out and about on errands this morning so as promised I took the camera along. Sadly there really wasn’t much of interest to snap at Curly. It was big and chunderous on the sets, but it was too messy and sideshore to have attracted any punters. Later, I went by south Narrabeen […]

Still firing this morning

Hello Friends, Another morning with solid and offshore conditions at south swell spots. According to the Bureau’s forecast, it should be southerly, so you’d have to think the offshores will gradually fade as the wind falls back in line with the prediction. Wave faces on the big ones at Dee Why look to be pretty […]

Very cold and showery again

From earlier… Hello Friends, You gotta admire those tough specimens that think nothing of pulling on a well-iced wettie on a showery morning with the temps hovering around 10. Swell has kicked on overnight. The average size at the MHL buoy is not much changed since dusk yesterday. It’s still dead south, about 4 metres […]