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Wind ripping it to shreds at Dee Why this morning

Posted by: on August 12th, 2012

Hello Friends,
You can write off Dee Why this morning. Wind is out of the SSW at 20-30 kts. According to the Bureau, the wind’s supposed to weaken a little around midday and the 4 metre south swell is meant to go more SE (a good thing). I doubt that Dee Why will come into play though. You might find something in the very protected south corners, but there has to be a question mark over the quality settings. I’ll be keeping track of it in the usual way, but my hopes for water time are modest.

The prospects look maybe a touch better for tomorrow, particularly from around midday onward when the wind is supposed to be more out of the SW and lighter. The swell is set to drop away into the new week, but with luck, not go flat. The overall settings are pointing toward variable and mainly onshore winds, so we’re probably not looking at great quality surface conditions.

Have yourself a great Sunday!

TIDES: L @0935 H @1620

Weather Situation
A deep low pressure system lies over the central Tasman Sea, while a strong high pressure system located over the Bight moves slowly east. A vigorous south to southwesterly airstream is being generated between these systems, which will gradually ease on Sunday as the low moves away from the region. The high will then be the dominant feature in the region, until the next cold front arrives late next week.
Forecast for Sunday until midnight
Southerly 25 to 30 knots decreasing to 20 to 25 knots in the middle of the day.
Up to 3 metres decreasing to 1.5 metres later in the evening.
Southerly 4 metres tending southeasterly 3 metres from the late morning.
Large swells breaking dangerously close inshore.
Monday 13 August
Southerly 15 to 20 knots tending southwesterly 10 to 15 knots in the middle of the day then decreasing to variable about 10 knots in the late afternoon.
Up to 2 metres decreasing to below 1 metre during the afternoon.
Southerly 2 to 3 metres.
Large swells breaking dangerously close inshore in the morning.
Tuesday 14 August
West to northwesterly about 10 knots increasing to 15 to 20 knots during the day.
Below 1 metre increasing up to 1.5 metres during the evening.
Southeasterly about 2 metres.

Kinda windy

Posted by: on May 25th, 2011

Hello Friends,

1030: Out and about on errands this morning so as promised I took the camera along. Sadly there really wasn’t much of interest to snap at Curly. It was big and chunderous on the sets, but it was too messy and sideshore to have attracted any punters. Later, I went by south Narrabeen to see what was happening. Not much as it turns out. The short average period and south direction of the swell have insured that it’s only about chest high – if that – on the occasional sets. If the swell was right, the surface conditions wouldn’t be a problem… The MHL data shows the swell is 4m dead south with a period of close to 9 seconds, so the south spots should be working – but only if they’re okay with 30 kts of SW’ly!

0800: Dark grey skies and 20-40 kts of SW wind kicked off proceedings this morning in Sydney. The MHL buoy shows the swell at around the 4 metre mark, but the seas are closer to 7 metres now (having just hit a peak of 9m). Visibility as I write this is still too low to really tell what’s going on. Our man on the strand in Dee Why is on the case, so there should be some news from Rob shortly.

I’ll try to get out and about for a look at things soon and will report back later in the morning.

Tides: L @0830, H @1455

Weather Situation
A complex low lies over the Tasman Sea. A small low within this system lies off the NSW Illawarra coast and is expected to move northwards during today bringing gale force southerly winds along most of the coast. The low will contract towards New Zealand on Thursday. with a high pressure ridge expanding over the state and the south to southwesterly airstream weakening by Friday.

Forecast for Wednesday until midnight
Winds: Southerly 25 to 35 knots reaching 40 knots at times this morning. Seas: Up to 6 metres decreasing to 4 metres during the afternoon. Swell: Easterly 1.5 metres. Thunderstorms this morning. Large swells breaking dangerously close inshore during the day.

Forecast for Thursday
Winds: Southerly 25 to 30 knots decreasing to 20 to 25 knots during the morning then decreasing to 15 to 20 knots later in the evening. Seas: Up to 4 metres decreasing to 2 metres around dawn. Swell: Southeasterly 2 metres.

Forecast for Friday
Winds: South to southwesterly 10 to 15 knots. Seas: Up to 1.5 metres. Swell: Southerly about 2 metres decreasing to 1 metre during the evening.

Still firing this morning

Posted by: on June 7th, 2010

Hello Friends,

Another morning with solid and offshore conditions at south swell spots. According to the Bureau’s forecast, it should be southerly, so you’d have to think the offshores will gradually fade as the wind falls back in line with the prediction.

Wave faces on the big ones at Dee Why look to be pretty close to the 3 metre height of the swell at sea. The 9 second period is an important factor I’d say.

Outlook for the week ahead is promising according to the latest run of the forecast models. Wednesday and Thursday currently look like being the trough with another solid – potentially bigger than today – new pulse fills in as the weekend comes into sight.

Gotta love winter boys and girls!

Go well with your plans and have yourself a top old day.

TIDES: L @0950, H @1630
Sydney Coastal Waters, Broken Bay to Port Hacking and 60nm seawards:
Strong wind warning.
Monday until midnight: Wind: Southerly 25 to 30 knots decreasing to 20 to 25 knots around midday.Sea: Up to 3 metres decreasing to 1.5 metres by early evening.Swell: Southeasterly 3 metres.
Tuesday: Wind: Southerly 10 to 20 knots tending south to southwesterly up to 10 knots around dawn then tending northwesterly around midday. Winds north to northwesterly 10 to 15 knots later in the evening.Sea: Up to 1.5 metres.Swell: Southerly 3 metres decreasing to about 2 metres from midday.
Wednesday: Wind: Northwesterly 15 to 20 knots increasing to 15 to 25 knots during the morning then tending west to northwesterly 20 to 30 knots during the afternoon.

Very cold and showery again

Posted by: on July 29th, 2008

1015: longer wait for sets, but only 5 doing the waiting...

1015: longer wait for sets, but only 5 doing the waiting...

From earlier…
Icy morning wind but a few sets rolling into Dee Why.

Icy morning wind but a few sets rolling into Dee Why.

Hello Friends,

You gotta admire those tough specimens that think nothing of pulling on a well-iced wettie on a showery morning with the temps hovering around 10. Swell has kicked on overnight. The average size at the MHL buoy is not much changed since dusk yesterday. It’s still dead south, about 4 metres and plugging along at 9 seconds apart. It’s blowing hard out at sea and that’s bumping the peak trace (a combination of sets, seas and swell) into the 7 metre range! Wouldn’t want to be on a little boat out there…

As forecast yesterday, the wind this morning is anywhere from 15-30 kts from the SSW. It’s due to fade back a little as the day goes along. The Bureau says it’ll be 18-23 kts this afternoon. Swell is set to gradually decline through the day, but it’s not going to die away by any stretch of the imagination.

Yesterday around lunchtime, I wandered down to the point for a bit of picture taking. You can check out the snaps here. Depending on how the schedule goes, I’ll see if I can get out and about with the lens again today.

Have yourself a top old day!