Small but not hopeless

Hello Friends, Still a little bit of weak SE wind swell sputtering along the beaches of Sydney. Dee Why was tossing up the odd fluffy waist plus set under drizzly grey skies when I checked it around 0800. The weather is apparently going to go nuts in the next 24 hours though and tomorrow should […]

Grey skies and rain return to Sydney

Hello Friends, Another round of showers and so-so conditions for Sydney this morning. The ocean looks kinda junky and small which figures because the average period has dropped to around the 8 second mark. Swell is still coming from the SE and is averaging around 1.5 metres. This morning’s run of the WAMs is looking […]

Sunny and breezy but weak and small

Hello Friends, At least it’s not raining and overcast. Apart from that though, there’s not a lot to get excited about for Sydney surfers. The wind swell is still coming from the SE as it has the last few days, but it’s only about 1.5 metres out at sea and the period is on average […]

It’s not big, but it’s sunny & there’s something

    Hello Friends, Had my first surf in a long time yesterday evening at Long Reef. Very long waits and just on the edge of being surfable for the most part, but there were waves and I was stoked. Contrary to my expectation, there are still waves to be had along those stretches that […]

Marginal but not flat

      Hello Friends, A whopper midday tide won’t be improving the already dim surf prospects this morning. There are some little waist high dribblers here and there at spots with exposure to the SE. But you’ll need to be pretty handy at talking yourself into a sesh because the quality is strictly marginal. […]

Early riser call

Hello Friends, For those of you getting up for the early, here’s what I reckon… Huey’s plan is to blow the milk out of your coffee Saturday morning. There’s a gale warning for N-NW winds and that, combined with a weakening SE swell of a metre or so, should result in small to near flat […]