Just about flat this morning at Dee Why

Hello Friends, High tide’s a little after 0900 and low will be at 1450, swell’s only a metre from the SE, but it is 11 seconds apart, so while we’re pretty close to flat, magnet spots should have the odd knee high lump. One such was a Dee Why, just north of the club where, […]

The waiting game

Hello Friends, Another beautiful morning for Sydney with a high of 23 expected later. The only problem is the lack of waves. According to the MHL buoy floating off Sydney, there’s about a metre of SE swell with a period of 11 seconds. To the extent it matters, the tide will be high at 1015. […]

No dice kids

Hello Friends, An excellent Sunday to catch up with your non-surf life. Nothing going on at Dee Why. On the MHL buoy the swell is detected as coming mainly from the SE at close to 11 seconds apart, but it’s only a metre on average, hence the lack of activity. You might possibly find a […]

Playing the waiting game on Sunday

Hello Friends, Another sunny day with a trickle of south east swell and offshore winds coming up. Dee Why is showing the odd waist high set along the beach (but nothing at the point). Tide is now coming in to high at 1450, so those little bumps may be adversely affected as a consequence. The […]

Not quite flat

Hello Friends, Are you keen? Really, really, really keen? Well, if you take something big and floaty down to Dee Why this morning, you might get a knee high dribbler to carry you a few metres before exhausting itself on the sands. Otherwise, if you’ve got other things to do, well, I’d do ’em. Wind […]

Are you patient? Really patient?

Hello Friends, A run of warm days coming up apparently. Warm days and not much surf, if the Bureau has it right. From the crows nest at 0615, Dee Why could be seen to be hosting half a dozen hopeful participants out in front of the SLSC. After a very long wait, I finally got […]

Not much, if anything

Hello Friends, Very little energy showing on the MHL spectra for Sydney at 0300 and Dee Why bore this out as of 0600. From the crows nest I really couldn’t see much of anything you could catch at Dee Why. There were a couple of folks out for a paddle, but really no sign of […]

Lazy Sunday

Hello Friends, According to the MHL buoy at 0930, the main energy was coming to us from the south. It was around the metre mark with an average period of 11 seconds. That means there are little waves to be had at the south magnets. I reckon the best you’re likely to see will be […]

Pics: did you surf No Mans Tues arvo

Hi all, For those of you who got out at No Mans on Tuesday afternoon from around 215 to 355 pm, I got some pics. Like 300 of ’em. If you got a wave, chances are I got a snap. Anyway, I’m calling the conditions 7-8 out of 10, so even if you weren’t there, […]