Your knees might get wet

dy beach

Hello Friends, Light NW winds, partly cloudy skies, relatively mild temps, but very close to flat at Dee Why this morning. The MHL buoy is showing a little under a metre of 14-second period south swell. So, there might be a knee high bump at spots with optimal exposure to the swell direction. Tide’s high […]

So pretty, so tiny

Hello Friends, Beautiful Sunday for Mother’s Day, unless Mum’s a surfer (hi Amy and Eve!). Swell’s faded right away to just about nothin’ this morning. The MHL buoy was detecting 13.8-sec energy from 130 degrees at well under a metre. There’s also some shorter period, slightly bigger stuff from both the south and the east, […]

Micro Saturday

Hello Friends, Lightly drizzling at daybreak. Out at the Sydney buoy there as about a metre of SE swell with an average period of close to 14 seconds. Tide was heading to a high at 0750 and there was only a faint WNW breeze. Surf? You want surf? Well… naw… there was really next to […]

Late Sunday morning waves

Hello Friends, Had to do an airport run before the report today, hence the lateness… Had a look at Curly and Dee Why on the way back and grabbed the pics below. Curly was well attended and while the banks were mainly pretty so-so, there were set wave faces into the shoulder high range. For […]

Swell fading away…

Hello Friends, Tapping the keys while mate drives us south to Sydney after a few days at Cresco. Waves never got big, but we had some fun ones up to chest high in the beach break north of the point. It was smaller and less consistent this morning, but still worth getting wet. We took […]

Biding our time, waiting for the next pulse to arrive

Hello Friends, Went for a beach walk this morning and as usual had the camera with me. I was mildly surprised to see a dozen or so folks hanging out at the northern extent of no man’s because it looked nearly flat. But then a soft little waist high set wave appeared and a couple […]