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Little Sunday waves for Dad’s day morning

Posted by: on September 6th, 2015

Hello Friends,

Happy Father’s Day to my fellow Dads. Dull grey skies for you this Sunday morning, but there are some glassy if rather lumpy waist to chest-ish options at the point and along the beach at Dee Why . Wind was faintly NW around 0800 and tide was right on the low (high’s at 1445). Swell was coming mainly from the SE. Out at sea it was showing 2.3 metres as of 0700 with a typical period of 9 seconds.
Wind is supposed to be S-SE going E (but less than 10 kts) around midday, then NE 10-15 kts in the afternoon. Swell is supposed to fade out across the day, so the plan is to go early if you’re gonna go. Apparently we can expect it to be cloudy with the odd shower all day.
Looking ahead, tomorrow’s not shaping to be too terribly interesting. Swell may perk up a tiny bit, but it’s not looking extra special.
The Bureau and the various swell models are generally agreeing that we should see our next pulse on Wednesday. The morning looks reasonably promising too, with the prospect of ok SW wind and 2+ metres of south swell. With any luck the energy levels will persist into Thursday morning. Thereafter it looks like more spring paltryness.
Have a splendid Sunday one and all!

dy surfing

The odd catchable little lump at the point 0800

dy surfing

Glassy and lumpy along the beach at 0800