Sunday and the swell hasn’t given up

dee why surfer

Hello Friends, Our amazing run of swell continued into Sunday morning. At 0500 it was SE and close to 2 metres at 11 seconds. When I checked at 0730 wave faces at the point were into the head and a bit range (see pics) on the sets. The crowd was on it of course. Yesterday […]

Still solid and definitely cleaner this am

dy point wave

Hello Friends, Wind was offshore at daybreak and the crew was on it at both the point and along the beach. Out at sea the main swell energy was coming from the SE at close to 11 seconds apart. Swell peaks were around two metres. There’s still some smaller but similar period stuff coming from […]

Showery still but clean for the first shift

Hello Friends, My usual leisurely Sunday start and whadya know, there’s a shower pattering down outside as I write this, but the expected southerly wind hasn’t kicked in yet and the swell’s ticking over nicely down at the point. At 0800 the swell was coming at us from the SE. It was 2 metres on […]

It’s on

Hello Friends, South east swell at 2 metres and 11 seconds apart with no wind, sunny skies and the start of a holiday weekend is adding up to going off. Very consistent when I first checked about 0730 and tremendously crowded at the point. I’m calling the conditions 9/10 for waves. But, no matter where […]

Morning pics of Dee Why

Sorry about the late snaps… here’s how it looked around 1000 from the RealSurf crows nest… still lots of swell energy to play with as you can see.

Cool start but plenty of waves

Hello Friends, Swell still pumping this morning. Wind was going early but it was offshore, so apart from being kind of chilly, conditions were clean for the very healthy crowd waiting to pounce at the point. It’s supposed to rain later, but for early risers there were a few watery sunny breaks amongst the grey. […]

Pumping Friday morning at Dee Why

Hello Friends, Get out there if you can. It was going off this morning as all the elements came together: light wind, 2 metres of 11 sec SE swell and sunny skies to make it all pretty like. Extremely crowded for some odd reason, so you might want to take that into account. But on […]

Lumpo-bumpo SE junko

Hello Friends, Just about done with 2013 and it looks as though we might be able to wave g’bye from the water – if we’re open minded enough. Dee Why was showing lumpy and messy wind swelly SE stuff at 0630. Sets were pushing into the chest high range on the biggest ones, but of […]

Sweet looking morning at Dee Why

Hello Friends, Clean and offshore with sets in the shoulder to head plus range at the point, a bit bigger up the beach at Dee Why. Swell is out of the SE at a couple metres with the power setting on a healthy 11 seconds. Tide is low at 1145 and high again at 1820. […]


Hello Friends, Got in for a wave this morning at Dee Why. I spent most of the time at the point where sets were in the chest to head plus range. It wasn’t classic, punchy Dee Why point, but it was definitely a lot of fun – even with close to 20 out by the […]