Thursday and still a few waves about for the early

dy surfing

Hello Friends, Interesting numbers coming from the MHL buoy at 0500. The spectral data shows most of the swell coming from the SE with set wave heights at 3.3 metres and a typical period of 10 seconds, but there’s also some small, longer period component coming from the NE. That may account for the slightly […]

Saturday with waves

long reef waves

Hello Friends, As of 0600 swell was SE at 10.5 seconds apart with an average height at sea of 3.1 metres. My Saturday morning pre-702 ABC surf report run-around revealed that there were few opportunities on the Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch as we approached the high tide at 0735. The odd bodyboard cruncher at south Narrabeen maybe… […]

Only a touch smaller than yesterday

Hello Friends, Swell has dropped a fair amount from yesterday’s peak intensity, but it’s not exactly tiny. If you’re a beginner or even a tentative intermediate, sit and watch for half an hour before committing. The direction (SE) and average period (10sec) haven’t changed much, but average height at sea is closer to 2-3 m […]

Post frontal Cali, sizable Sydney

Hello Friends, Dropping tide in Sydney, 3 metres of SSE swell at close to 10-seconds as of 0600, WSW wind (going SE later), low tide around 1050 and sunny skies means the morning session is on at lots of places this morning. Exposed spots should see overhead wave faces and even the smaller places should […]

Swell is here but lumpy

Hello Friends, Grey skies and light wind inshore greeted early risers. As predicted, the swell ramped up overnight and for the last 12 hours or so it has been around the 3 metre mark at sea with an average period of 10 seconds. At Dee Why this means wave faces on the biggest sets that […]

The stormy sea

Hello Friends, Showers again on the cards this morning, but worse, the wind is going to be SE at 25-30 knots. There won’t be many options around but if you can find somewhere well protected the fact that there’s also 3 metres of 10 sec SE swell at least gives one hope. It looks as […]

PICS: Nth Narrabeen Sun 30 May 2010 – noon

Sunday the 30th of May should make the top ten best days of this year. After shooting for a couple hours at Manly, I wandered north to see how the swell was doing at spots like Mona Vale and Northy. Here’s a selection of shots from the latter… North Narrabeen Sun 30 May 2010 (noon) […]

Cold, rainy but waves (if you were up early!)

Hello Friends, 1030: all blown out now… earlier I wrote… The keen were on it for the early at Dee Why while the wind was still favourable. Swell seemed to be a bit smaller than last night, although the power settings look pretty similar. Mind you, a rain squall cut short my observation, so maybe […]

Too much wind Huey

Hello Friends, Plenty of swell, but it was just so raw that nowhere really stood out as offering terribly exceptional conditions. Between the strong wind and early high tide, you really had to be lucky. I just had another look and the ocean is pretty torn up looking. Wind’s fresh and from the south at […]

Morning turn

Hello again friends, Just back from a tour of the beaches south from south Narrabeen. Here’s the executive summary: South Narra: big, messy, no one out Collaroy: small, not as messy, only one or two chasing waist high things Dee Why: didn’t see anyone in the water, but didn’t watch for very long either. Big […]