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Friday Collaroy small waves, big erosion

Posted by: on September 25th, 2015

Had a look at Collaroy and White Rock this morning and can report no one in the water at the latter and relatively flabby waist to chest conditions at the former. While grabbing the snaps, I noticed that the seawall along south Narrabeen has been exposed by the swell. So, being interested in such things, I wandered up and snapped a couple of pics.
I reckon this is about as much erosion as I’ve seen there in 30 years of checking it out during big swell events. Council’s going to be pulling sand out of Narrabeen lagoon in the next year, so a fair amount of that will go down there to replenish the beach and bury the wall again. Once the spring blah’s take over and the big swell events fade away until next winter, the beach will get reestablished.

collaroy erosion

Exposed seawall, looking north from Stuart Street, Collaroy

collaroy erosion

Seawall revealed by big south swell, looking north from Wetherill Street

White Rock

You have it to yourself! White Rock looking user-hostile


Hoaxy old Brownwater doing its thing

Collaroy surfing

Thrilling set wave challenges rider’s skill at Collaroy