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The Saturday morning radio report

Posted by: on July 4th, 2009

Hey all,

Here for your amusement, my dulcet tones from 702 ABC radio’s weekend show with Mr Simon Marnie at the helm.

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Don talks surf prospects for today and the week ahead with Simon Marnie.

Well, we have some swell

Posted by: on December 20th, 2008

Hello Friends,

Pretty busy in the water at 0645.

Pretty busy in the water at 0645.

As anticipated, we have a little swell this morning thanks to all that wind yesterday. At Dee Why, the point is pretty busy. The sets seem to be smaller and less consistent than over in the beachy, but the latter is getting its share of shutdowns. Biggest set I saw at the point was around head high, and biggest at the beach was just overhead.

Some fun size sets to be had at the beachy, but watch those sections.

Some fun size sets to be had at the beachy, but watch those sections.

The forecast last night was calling for stiff SE winds this morning, but instead we have SW’lys in the 10-15kt range along the northern beaches and in the 15-20 kt range in the eastern suburbs.

The Bureau’s call is as follows: “Wind: S/SE 20/25 knots, easing to 15/20 knots in the afternoon and 10/15 knots later.Sea: 1.5 to 2.5 metres, abating 1 to 2 metres in the afternoon. Swell: S/SE 2 to 3 metres, decreasing to 1 to 2 metres. ” And we’re set for cloudy periods with the odd shower.

702 ABC weekend show surf report by Don


Don on 702 ABC

Posted by: on September 20th, 2008

Today’s surf report on ABC 702 radio
Saturday morning surf call by Don on 702 ABC radio’s Weekend Show with Simon Marnie

Audio: Don’s surf call with Simon Marnie on ABC radio 702

Posted by: on August 9th, 2008


Your webmaster exchanges witticisms with the ever sunny Simon Marnie on ABC Sydney radio 702’s weekend show.