PICS by Don: South Curly, Sat morning 13/8/11

Saturday morning delivered a small SE swell to Sydney’s Curl Curl beach and I was on hand to shoot it from around 1015 to 1115. Waves were on the soft side it has to be said, but there were definitely a few fun little sections along with the very occasional head high plus bomb set. […]

PICS: South Curly, Monday arvo

Yep, the tide was way too high, but after more than a week of wavelessness even a fat but head high south swell looked good. I wanted to get some shooting practice, so I spent half an hour pinging away as people did what they could with the glassy conditions. As always any picture in […]

Snaps from Saturday, 3: the mauling

Last stop on my little tour of the beaches was south Curly. Quite a few bods out there when I stopped by around 1230, but again, as with everywhere else, there was plenty of size on the big ones, but the makeable sections were pretty few and far between. Lots of exercise being got, but […]