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Hmmm, maybe not quite what we hoped for

Posted by: on January 17th, 2011

Late arvo update

Well, did you score anything before the southerly chewed it up?

Yours truly spent a less than satisfying time in the water at Dee Why point this morning. There were sizable sets, but they weren’t easy to get into because the rip was roaring out through the break and the swell was not as clean as it could’ve been. Many attended but only a few found worthwhile waves (and there were some of those). After lunch at Curly (hopeless mess), I went down to Manly to see if the Bower was of interest following the arrival of the south wind. There were dozens and dozens of punters on it, but the swell which peaked around about 0800 was rapidly declining so the sets were further and further apart. Being the Bower, there were some fun looking waves coming through, so I’m sure a couple patient hours out there would’ve rewarded you with something. My last stop was south Manly where I watched a smallish crew chasing occasional sets in the head high range. Again, there were a few fun ones, but you were doing lots of waiting. Seemed to be some bods out up the beach toward North Steyne, but when I rolled by later, it looked like shutdown city.

This evening the swell is still showing at a couple metres on a 10 second period from the SE. But a 15-25kt southerly is whacking anything that’s not really well protected.

The Bureau says it’ll be southerly again tomorrow and they’re still warning of large easterly swell breaking dangerously close in shore for the early. The models reckon it’ll be half the present size and I’d say at the rate it’s dropping, that’s entirely within the realm of the possible.

Have yourself a good one!