A little late

Hello Friends, Sydney beats SoCal by a nose. Santa Barbara was knee to waist at the best spots and kinda gutless with increasing sideshores, while Sydney looks to be maybe waist plus thanks to nearly 1.5 metres of 11-sec SSE swell. Wind was light at 0900 from the WSW to WNW, but the Bureau says […]

More waves? Yes, thanks!

Hello Friends, Once again I go to bed thinking there won’t be anything much left in the morning, and I’m wrong. Swell’s not big or anything, but there were chest plus sets at Dee Why beach and I even saw a little burbler at the point. Swell’s SSE @1.5 metres with the power setting sitting […]

Only small – and the wind’s coming

Hello Friends, Swell’s stayed about the same overnight, so if you aren’t put off by the odd shower and onshores, you should be able to find a messy little something in the waist high range. It’s gone a touch more to the SSE overnight and although there’s an average height at sea of around 1.3 […]

A touch more energy

Hello Friends, Starting my day in the soon-to-be scorching inland but we’ll be heading the right direction. Have to say though, it doesn’t look too amazing for this afternoon when we should be back to the northern beaches once more. Swell is currently around the 1.5 metre range out of the SSE. The period is […]

Hooray, still some waves

Hello Friends, Well, thereyago and whadyaknow, a few waves again this morning for Sydney. Swell is out of the SSE again. It’s about 1.5 metres at 11 seconds, so sets along the beach at Dee Why are getting into the shoulder plus range. Once again, the point basically seems to be missing out – although […]

Catching the start of the swell?

Hello Friends, Wagged my magazine proofing this morning and grabbed a few snaps, along with a few waves at the point. Only out for an hour, but durning that time the sets seemed to be getting more frequent and juicier. You had to be patient though. According to the latest MHL data, the swell height […]

I love being wrong!

Hello Friends, I think that is just about the quickest turnaround I’ve seen in many a long year. Utterly and completely flat at 1100 this morning when mate Barry and I were walking out along the rocks at the point. We were within two metres of the water and in no danger of a rogue […]