Woah, where’d that go?

dee why point surfers

Hello Friends, There were waves all day yesterday, in fact, at 4pm I was shooting at Dee Why beach and there were head plus and meaty sets unloading along the beach, while it was softer but still chest to shoulder at the point. Not this morning, not at Dee Why… Wind was westerly at 9-10 […]

Bumping along again

Hello Friends, Not much going on at the beach this morning, but if you had a mal or equivalent, there were catchable little things coming along every once in awhile at Dee Why. Swell is coming from the SSE at about 8 seconds apart. Average height at sea is 1.4 metres as of 0500, but […]

Fizzling out, get on it ASAP

Hello Friends, With onshores on the forecast today, the plan is/was to get down to your favourite south swell spot immediately. At Dee Why the early risers were picking up the occasional chest high set along the beach. A pair of SUPsters were poking around the point in search of a little roller along the […]

Take another turn in the holding pattern

Hello Friends, No real change to the key numbers this morning for Sydney surfers. We still have a weak little SSE wind swell of around 1.5 metres with an average period of close to 8 seconds. As I tapped out the report this morning a little before 0800, the wind was a chop-inducing ENE’r of […]

Friday wrap

Swell was pretty juicy this morning, but it began fading noticeably from late morning. As of sunset the average period was just 8 seconds (well down on the 11 sec we had at daybreak) and the average size dropped from 3 metres to a little under 2m. The direction’s changed too. It’s gone from SE […]

Down Cronulla way

Hello evening visitors! Finally have added a new surf spot to the life list – Elouera. PB and I made a jaunt down to the lovely shire to see what was doing. He’s been down there a bit lately so was able to give me the tour. We checked Elouera and the Wall first. Little […]

Catching little ones at No Man’s

Hello Friends, Since the rest of the week is looking not the best for surfin’, I made room in the schedule to get some water time. After scoping Curly and Dee Why (didn’t feel like travelling far), opted for the latter. Wandered up toward the pole where I’d spotted some bods hooking little lefts. Turned […]

Late arvo update: just don’t be picky

  Just a quick little update for our late afternoon visitors… Wind is around to the N to NE at about 15 kts, so surface conditions aren’t as clean as this morning at most places. Average height of the SSE swell is around 1.5 metres and the period is bumping along at 8 seconds. I […]

Nice morning, little waves too

Hello Friends, As the change came through yesterday, the skies cleared and the wind kicked up. It was chilly and onshore by the time the sun was low in the sky. The wind dropped overnight and is now WSW at around 5 knots, but it’s due to swing around to the ESE and get up […]

Grey & just about flat

Hello Friends, Ocean looks pretty tiny this morning. A good day to be doing other stuff if you want my opinion. Mind you this comes from someone who is currently beset by a plague of flu devils, so you may want to take that into account. The numbers are not quite as woeful as yesterday, […]