Micro morning in Dee Why

Hello Friends, Brace yourselves Sydney surfers. The ocean is going quiet and finding any sort of wave this morning will be a major accomplishment. There’s a tiny south line showing, but unless you have something like a two-person racing ski (see picture) you won’t be catching anything at Dee Why point. A kayak or similar […]

Pretty marginal but pretty

Hello Friends, Beautiful morning out there. Would be perfect if we had something reasonable in the way of waves. It wasn’t flat at Dee Why when I first pointed the telephoto lens at the joint from high atop RealSurf HQ. That was at around 0720, just ten minutes after the tide peaked. Swell is coming […]

Not quite flat to start

Hello Friends, A metre of 10 sec SSE swell and light winds mixed with an incoming tide (high at just before 0900) to deliver a patient little group of surfers with the occasional waist high set at Dee Why beach. The waits were longish, but not bad and although full, the better waves at least […]

Out and about

Had to run an errand early and came home via Warriewood, Northy and Longy-Dee Why. As of 1030 the little south swell was still looking pretty lully, but every now and then a set appears and the fun can begin. Don’t be in a rush and I’m sure you’ll jag something!

Perking up

Hello Friends, A metre or so of south swell has appeared this morning in Sydney and where Dee Why was concerned, there didn’t seem to be anyone in the water to meet it. When I climbed aloft to the RealSurf crow’s nest for the first time this morning, it coincided with a chest high set […]

Fading swell but not flat yet

Hello Friends, Despite being in a haze of jetlaggness yesterday, I knew the swell was going to fade fast, so I joined the large crew at Dee Why point to sample a few of the 12 sec period SE sets. This morning I won’t be in a position to repeat the experience because there’s nothing […]

Postcard: SoCal (+ Syd summary)

Hello Friends, After a quick and unusually smooth 13 hr flight, I’m jetlagged in California. I’ll try to make myself useful from afar. So, according to the latest from the MHL buoy, Sydney’s looking at around a metre of SSE swell with an average period of 10 seconds and light westerly wind as of about […]

Little waves to be had

Hello Friends, Up late watching the tennis, so not the earliest start for your correspondent this morning. As anticipated by the models, we’ve had an uptick in period and the SSE swell is therefore doing a little something. The period is averaging 10 seconds, but the Manly buoy is showing some 13 second component. Sets […]