Still a few sets left in the mix this morning

dy point wave

Hello Friends, Swell’s definitely down from yesterday’s peak intensity, but it’s still producing the occasional shoulder plus set at the point and along the beach. Swell’s coming mainly from the SSE at about 2.5 metres with an average period just a touch under the 10 second mark. Like yesterday, the point was well populated at […]


Hello Friends, There’s a turn up for the books. It was supposed to be small by this morning. Certainly it had dropped a fair amount through the day yesterday and was looking like going near flat overnight too. But Huey’s stepped in. At 0630 this morning, the MHL buoy was showing 2.4 metres of SSE […]

Still a few clean ones this morning

  Hello Friends, Swell has shifted away from yesterday’s more easterly mix to something closer to south. There are a few sets about thanks to the 2.5 metres of SSE swell at 9 seconds apart, but it is much less consistent than yesterday. The day started out drizzly and grey, but it was glassy and […]

New pulse showing early

Hello Friends, Yesterday the Bureau was predicting a swell arrival of around midday, but from the look of the beach at Dee Why, the forerunner sets are already showing up. According to the MHL buoy data, it’s straight south at about 2.5 metres with an average period a touch under 9 seconds. The hardy crew […]