To our fathers

Wind light early, but swell was too

Hello Friends, Odd. It really should be a bit bigger. The MHL buoy off Sydney was reporting a couple metres of SSE swell at 8-10 seconds apart. But… either it was a really bad lull, or what I saw at Dee Why beach around 0645 was not terribly impressive. Basically it looked about waist high […]

Sunny morning, but the wind hammering it early

Hello Friends, After blowing ESE overnight, the wind is now around to the SE at around 10 kts at 0900. The swell is still SSE at a couple metres out where the MHL buoy floats, but inshore the waves are around the waist to chest high range on sets. Dee Why looked very messy and […]

Smaller but looks fun

Hello Friends, Could be worth the effort to get yourself to a south swell spot this morning in Sydney as we still have some SSE energy around the place. There are light winds from the SW on tap this morning and the forecast is for it to drop off toward low tide at lunch time. […]

PICS: Warriewood, Sat morning.

South swell of a couple metres and SW winds combined to deliver the Warriewood crew some of the better waves around the northern beaches on Saturday morning. I stood on the beach for awhile and shot over a 100 snaps of the action. Warriewood Sat 7 Aug 2010 (am) – Images by Don Norris

Some energy for Saturday in Sydney

Hello Friends, The south pulse that filled in from late yesterday is still here this morning. However it seems to have peaked in the early morning hours at around the three metre mark. It’ll probably be around two metres by mid-morning and looks set to continue to gradually decrease. Average period is close to the […]